The Nutcracker – San Francisco Ballet

Since my dad died a few years back I’ve made a point of taking my mother out on “dates” over the course of the year.  This is not to say it’s the only time I see her, she’s my errand partner most Saturday’s, we go to the gym a few times a week and yes I usually talk to her on the way to work and recap at the end of the day on the ride home.  It probably makes me a little weird but I’m ok with it.  Next to my bestie – Tina – my mom really is my best friend.

Our excursion this holiday season was a trip to see the Nutcracker presented by the San Francisco ballet! 

It has to be one of my favorite performances, I think we’ve seen it 5 or 6 times over my adult life, sometimes with other ballet companies but we always seem to go back to the War Memorial to see it.   When we were younger I remember taking the girls and Stevie with us, I think we got a group rate with the Girl Scouts.  The seats we’re so high in the balcony, I distinctively remember thinking to myself as I squinted through the binoculars, I would, come back and see this somewhere with a good view.  Flash forward to October of last year when tickets went on sale, I scoured over the seating charts and pushed the limit on how much I could afford (not dress circle yet, nor box seats) but I learned very quickly that if you go after Christmas you can get really great seats (10th row orchestra) for a fraction of the price.  Tickets were purchased, the date was mentioned to my mother and wait and wait and wait I did.I cannot stress enough how awesome this particular performance is, if you have the opportunity to see it next Christmas make sure you do.

Have you ever been to the SF War Memorial?  The architecture is incredible, and if you have the chance to, before one of the performances partake in the buffet, it is worth it, almost just for the beautiful older ladies, dressed to the nines and their companions, either daper older gentlemen or younger grandsons to keep them company.

 Seat splurging for Sweeny Todd – my mom had not seen it previously and the only clue I would tell her is it was “dark” – she loved it.

The entrance! Doesn’t it just scream, old charm and bygone days!

Our very sad seats last season in the Balcony. We saw LaBoheme – I suppose mom and I are even on the surprise events, I gave her the death stare during the middle of act 2 – really mom? Really? Needless to say I needed tissue.


This light turns down in a circle when the show starts, I’ve never been able to catch it on video but it’s so very cool.

Tell me this entrance hall doesn’t inspire you! Quite honestly I don’t care what occasion it’s for, opera or ballet, I would go just to wander around the awesomeness of the building.

What adventures are you looking forward to this year?


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