28 day jumpstart challenge – 1/4/16

Tis that time of year again, or is it really?  We had a challenge at work for the month of December not to gain any weight over the holidays.  For once I managed to keep up and actually lose a little bit too.  I’ve been working hard recently to remember what my trigger points are, how binge watching TV leads to binge eating salty foods; or my favorite, eating my feelings.  So when I got the email from Fit Girls last week about their first of the year challenge and really their first half of the year challenge I thought, I’m in a better spot than I’ve been in a while, why not give it a shot. So here on Sunday night, I’m getting my food prep together, and thinking about all my goals for this challenge, this month and quite possible (something I haven’t done in a long time) this year!

Before I get too far, let me just throw this out there – I will not be posting recipes, or workout plans from any of the fitgirls books – If I think I’m making something far enough from an original recipe on my own (I will be happy to share), or from another website, blog, location, I will post credit it to it so you can get it for yourself.  I believe the creators of the Fitgirls movement have worked hard and deserve to have credit and proprietary ownership of their work.

So here I am again, week one of the 28 day challenge and this time, I’m feeling really good about it, I know the last few times I had started I was complaining about how boring the food was on this first cycle, but, since then I’ve started prepping my lunches a few times a week, and I for the most part eat the same breakfast every week day so this really isn’t as much of a stretch for me anymore. Exercise will be my hurdle this go round!

As in previous cycles on my blog, I’ll give you a breakdown once a week (Monday) of each day’s progress, how I feel, my weight, and food porn 😉 – if you interested in following me on my journey I have a special IG account: @sarahgetfit77, I post to snapchat everyday: slkirkland and if you have a Fitbit and want to be friends my email is ss9286@att.net – let me know where you saw me on the invite so I know who you are.

Day 0 meal prep:

Ok I’ll be honest, I don’t really like the Cherry pie fridge oats, and it’s really cold out at the moment so I’m breaking down the components of breakfast (oatmeal) and a mid morning snack (yogurt with a little extra fruit).  I haven’t made them yet but I usually make my oats and the last little bits of prep before I go to bed.

So I’m making up a batch of brown Jasmine rice

And some awesome smelling roasted veggies for the week – this week I have golden beets, leeks, tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms – I like to make a rainbow of colors with my veggies, and roasting is a great way to try different varieties of veggies, for instance I learned this year I really like golden beets – they’d smoother tasting than red ones and don’t leave you with that awkward bathroom conversation later (if you catch my meaning)

lastly I’m boiling some eggs and searching for a good red lentil recipe – everyone wants you to eat beans, and I just don’t like them so I substitute with other legumes (lentils being one of my favorite and this time red since they’re again a rainbow of color on my plate).

I wish you the best of luck this week and will catch up with you next Fitgirl Monday!




    • LOL – YES! I kinda like apple and cinnamon, with really sharpe apples and a lot of cinnamon. I don’t add almond butter to mine either – I don’t really like the texture in the oats. I have to say though after this morning, I’ll power through until I’m out of frozen cherries (the were a little pricey) but I don’t think Cherries and oatmeal are supposed to go together. 🙂

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