28 day jumpstart challenge -reboot Week of 7/6/15

Happy Monday to everyone!
I am back to doing the Fit Girls Guide – 28 day challenge – I took a few months off, it shows and if nothing else I always feel better when I’m trying to eat cleaner and exercise consistently.
A little history for those that may not know me as well as I know myself 🙂  
I am 38 as of last week, I quit smoking a little over two years ago, and my weight skyrocketed over 200lbs very quickly once my tastebuds remembered how good food was. I have been losing and gaining the same 15lbs for about a year and while I do believe my constant battle with Sinus infections and antibiotics are partially to blame, depression and binge eating at night definitely have a lot to do with it. So here I am…….again. If you’ve read my posts before about the 28 day challenge I recap once a week about my progress and highlight good and not so good things about the week
Here goes:
Week one recap – 
Sunday – day 0 – I really tried hard to prepare for this week but with my birthday on Monday and the perpetual tiredness of taking care of my mother (she had her knee replaced in June) I wasn’t as prepared as I would have like to be. Plus I made a huge error – although I didn’t realize that until this Sunday – I weighed myself at my mothers house because I was there and it was easier than starting up the Wii and going through he Wii Fit process.

Monday – My birthday! and the day of doom – I got up early, walked the dogs, grabbed my fridge oats and headed over to my moms by 7am to work my 4hr shift. Once there I got a message from my boss to call him and was subsequently notified I’m on a list to be Surplussed end of the month – I may get a letter, I may not, nobody knows anything and we won’t until 7/31. I did a small spiral and ate everything unhealthy while sitting on the couch the reset of the day feeling sorry for myself.

Tuesday – I did pick myself back up a little and got myself to the grocery store, bought the food I was supposed to and, cooked what I was supposed to with minimal feeling sorry for myself and binge eating.

Wednesday – no exercise, and while no real binge eating, my mother and I tend to veg out on the couch in the afternoons and eat salty things (this week it was heart healthy nuts – yummy)

Thursday – I finally felt like I got back on track and gained some momentum for the week but still no regular exercising.

Friday – Same – but I weighted myself on moms scale again, on a flat surface and realized her scale is way off and inconsistent. I ranged from 5lbs gained to .2lbs lost. I knew Sunday on my Wii was going to be rough. And I really should have known better, since my pants weren’t fitting right at the weight her scale said I was….. so I was bound and determined to be better on week 2 – I put my meal plan together and really worked on psyching myself up over the weekend.

Saturday – was home alone – took the older kid to work, went grocery shopping and did small food prep for the coming week.

Sunday – I got up and weight myself in the morning, it wasn’t as bad as I thought but I am heavier than I’ve ever been. It was decent setback to my ego but again, I’m just more determined to make week 2 better. I posted this message Sunday night on my fit-girl feed.

So far today, I’m moving along – its my first day back in the office so the real test will be when I go home – keep your fingers crossed for me!  


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