Curvy Girl Style – Winter Capsule – Swap

So it happened, I found an item that I absolutely hated even after careful consideration, I think this sweater might have been an impulse buy right from the start and it bit me in the behind.



I know it looks like it has no shape, but I’ve owned sweaters like that in the past and I’ve always been pleased with them……., sweaters can be really tricky since they look awful laid out, and totally different when you put them on. It’s not like I didn’t try to wear it………



I even overlooked the really itchy part for a little while, until I put it on a second time.



It snagged, and caught on everything, my jacket zipper, my purse, Steve’s watch. The shape didn’t get any better when I put it on and I felt like I was wearing a box. The last time I wore it, I walked into the kitchen at church and declared to my mother I hated the sweater. She replied “well you look cute, but I’m surprised you picked something so “fad” oriented with those sleeves, you’re usually so classic in your style.”

I do try to stay away from fads most times, but I guess even I have errors in judgement. Ah well – one I got home from church I ripped off the sweater and tossed it in the donation bag. Later that evening I found this little gem

I am very pleased


I guess next time when I’m shopping I’ll have to ask myself, would my mom call this a classic?

I know she would for this one!



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  1. therealjlow says:

    Oh tell me about the itchy sweater! and the snagging! the poncho i wore on Monday? oh my gosh does that love to snag! I had originally bought it a week before I was on crutches for three months. A huge mistake is being determined with a sweater which all at once is caught round the arm supports on your crutch and the door handle you just passed! haha – although not as embarrassing and baby giraffing (legs and arms all over the place!) in the supermarket however, I’ll give you that.

    Anyway the itchiness could be because the wool used is either too acrylic or actually has lambs wool in it! I always find its strange though that proper organic wool is often the least comfortable to wear! I will stop rambling nonsense at you now however but I love all the outfits above!



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