Planning – What to do when you deviate

Does this happen to you from time to time? Last week I was out sick for two days with a horrible migraine, but it had really started the week before, so I was already behind before I got knocked down and out for a few days. Flash forward to this week and I realize it’s the middle of the month, all of my plans are out the window and I feel sometimes like I need to start over from scratch.

Sometimes you do, or more over sometimes you need to take a step back and regroup. You’re not going to make up that time somewhere else, not without damage to what you already have planned. And honestly sometimes it’s just better to take a fresh piece of paper, calendar, list, and say ok – here’s what I had planned, I’m going to scale back on this, this and this, it’ll get me back on track and feeling like I have a plan again instead of drifting in space.What you scaled back on you can either decide to revisit at a later date, or if you’re like me, you realize that maybe those items really weren’t that great and you can round file them without shame.

Yesterday, I pulled out my calendars, and updated as needed for the rest of the month, I had planned on doing the new Fit girls challenge starting on the 5th. Realistically even though I feel better this week, I need to push it out a little farther just to make sure all of my ducks are behaving. So menus changed, and adjusted, I moved a few meetings around to accommodate a few emergency meetings with the school, and had to reschedule my facial (yes I get a facial – once a month and I highly recommend it to everyone – even men) to accommodate a last minute museum exhibit with my mom.

Don’t worry, some times deviation happens and it can be a good thing, it get’s you out of ruts, it keeps things fresh and it gives you an opportunity to revisit what you’re working on and decide if thats the path you really want to take. Just try to make sure you don’t deviate too often, if you’re constantly updating your plans it can be hard to actually take action on them.

Next week – Back to our regularly scheduled programming – What to do with all of those goals



  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Time deviations happen all of the time. Remember John Lennon’s lyric: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.? It’s so true!


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