Planning Tuesday – Part 2

Happy Tuesday everyone! I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of the year. Time has just flown by. Today is part two of our planning series, if you missed part one you can catch up here.

last week we were processing a “brain dump” and getting the information into manageable categories. I decided it was time to do another brain dump myself and thought I would share with you a few categories and a few items from each, in total I have 20 categories and Lord knows how many items per at any given time, I read somewhere once you should have between 100 and 500 items listed, can you imagine trying to keep track of all of those things in your brain? Mine includes both work and personal, I have found that trying to manage two systems to be too cumbersome. This is where Evernote comes in handy, all of my categories are specific notebooks and all the items are contained within (post to come).

– fitkini challenge
– back to 30 day yum

– Dates with Steve
– Date with mom
– Book club???

– Daily devotional
– meditation

2015 Goals
– run a 1/2 marathon
– get out of debt


As you can see there is crossover in some of the main categories, running a half marathon could easily fall into diet and exercise but it ended up on my 2015 goals because I wanted it to have a finite end date.

Now I mentioned picking your top 3 items in the last post, for this exercise I’ll pick – dates with Steve, Getting out of debt, and running a half marathon.

Take a piece of paper for each of your items and brainstorm all the things you need to do to make it happen. I like to use the bubble in the center method (I can’t remember the technical term) and add all the thoughts around them.

Then on the back I list them in the order needed to complete.
– download 5k app
– schedule training on calendar for next 8 weeks
– register for 5k run around middle of March.
– 5 – 10K training…

Once you have those completed you’re going to want to do it for the rest of your items, I know it’s a lot of work on the front end but honestly once you have this done, the bulk of the work is complete and as long as you keep up on your items you should only have to refresh or add new going forward.

Next week – what to do with all of those plans………



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