Wednesday Weigh in – non weigh in and Christmas Eve

This marks the last week of the Fit girls guide – Winter wonderland challenge and I have to say, I’ve thrown in the towel. This week is pure chaos and I’m exhausted, you know the kind where you get to work and realize you forgot to put deodorant on? Or am I the only one that does that? The kind of tired where your body fights you to get out of bed and cries all the way to the shower and thats without working out for a few days. Yes ladies and gentlemen the kind of tired that finds you falling asleep at your desk because it’s quite and the white noise machine is slightly narcoleptic! So I am trying my hardest not to eat all the beautiful fat and sugar crammed yummies that are tempting me where ever I go at the moment, I’ve put my training on pause for the week and I am going to accept this time for what it is…….. Christmas time.

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas, as with every other major holiday in my life I’ve made too much of it in my head, and the idea of perfect just doesn’t come to fruition as much as I like. I have a very strong faith as well and sometimes I feel guilty of the pressure I put on myself for getting the perfect gift for people and not focusing as much time on the full meaning of the season. I know I’m not alone, but I have to tell you – last night I walked into the house we’re trying to prepare for a dropped on us Christmas Eve party, Steve had picked up the living room and turned the lights on the garland we have over the fireplace and for a few moments – I found that blissful joy and peace that comes to fleeting to us all at this time of year.

And that my dear readers is my Christmas wish to you and yours. I hope you find that peace and wonder that surrounds this time of year, that surpasses all the holidays weather changes and time zones! May you be blessed in all your endeavors and fulfilled in your journey.

I hope those that are non-Christian take this is the most politically correct way. Merry Christmas to you! I hope you wish me the same in what ever way you celebrate this time of year.

Much Love – Sarah


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