Tuesday’s Plans

I’m always amazed at what reaches people in my blog, I wrote a few months back about my neurotic planning habits and it is one of the most commented on posts I’ve had to date. So with that thought in my head I decided I would start a new series on my planning tactics and how I manage to keep things on track (or at least appear to 🙂 come to my house sometime and it may not seem that way).

Since this week is Christmas and next weeks starts the new year, I want you to start thinking about what your goals are for 2015. What do you want to accomplish? What things need finishing up? Do you have habit’s you want to change? Write them all down, and really write all of them down. Don’t worry about planning out, or order of importance right now, just start by getting it down.

Need help with that? Too broad of a direction? Start with categories:

Home – room by room
personal life

literally write everything down until your brain is empty. Then take a moment and walk away, see if anything else bubbles up. Don’t worry that it’s too large or too small we’ll we that out later, right now the key is to get it out of your head and on to the paper in front of you.

I have to do it too, usually once a month, it helps me keep things fresh and makes me realize if something is still sitting in my head for a month I either need to do it or give it up for a while.

Once you have it all down on paper you can split it into your categories (like up above) – or if your lucky and your brain works that way you might have gotten it all down into categories from the get go – mine doesn’t I’m scattered until I have my focus and direction.

Got your categories together? great, pick the top 3 things you want to work on first and we’ll go from there.

for now keep everything in a folder until we’ve got some working system together for you. As the week goes on and you find more ideas add them to your categories and see if there’s anything you want to re-prioritize.

Next up – what to do with those top 3 picks.

What does my head look like today? Here’s a peek.







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