Curvy Girl Style – High Heels

Ok this might sound crazy but I have noticed there are too many young women out there today that DO NOT know how to walk in heels. sadly my girls included, they either look like gazelles learning to walk for the first time with their wobbly ankles or look like they have a stick attached to their spines as they stiff leg it along.

When my cousin and I were 10 my wonderful Auntie gave us both a pair of bright red patten leather heals, real ones not plastic dress up ones, and ones that actually fit our feet – I still remember they were size 7. I was hooked, I walked and danced so much in them on my grandmothers hardwood floors I left dents. I spend a whole summer sanding and staining and waxing that floor to fix the damage – which I’m sure is where my love of rehab projects comes from as well but that is another story.

This began my love affair with beautiful shoes, honestly if I had my way I would spend far more money on shoes and purses than I would ever admit to anyone. My imaginary shoe closet comes second only to Carrie Bradshaw, and it all started with a pair of red patten leather pumps. What I realize now is my aunt gave me something so much more important than my love of shoes, she let me learn how to walk in heels before I was really required to do so. Those hours I spent strutting around the living room and running up and down the stairs in shoes that fit me, I became comfortable navigating life in 3 inch heels. In high school I would wear anything from clogs to stilettos depending on what I was doing after school, and my first few waitressing jobs I learned the tighter my pants, lower cut the top and higher the heels the better tips I got. On and on it went, now a days I still love my shoes, and even with my 10K plus step goal a day I can tell you almost half of that is spent in heels or “work shoes”. Because of this I have learned a few things over the years, that I think are important to share.

Always buy the right size for your feet, try walking in them in the morning when your feet are fresh and smaller, then try walking in them at night after a long day at work. If they’re comfortable both times you’ve got winners.
Make sure to really walk around in them for a while before you buy, this teaches you how comfy they really are, where you might need to stretch them out and, if they work on all surfaces – Lord knows I’ve bought too many pair that slip and slide on tile the first time I wear them to work.
Find a good cobbler, they pricy and for some reason all seem to be crotchety but they will be your best friend, they will fix your broken heel, stretch out your toes and make your beat up shoes shiny and new again.
I know this is going to sound a little silly to some but, foot care is a must, today I realized I have two toenails slightly longer than usual that are rubbing against the top of my shoe when I walk, needless to say this has been immediately remedied to ensure, not ingrown toenails, blisters or foot pain.
lastly remember you can always add inserts, cushion and shave areas if you’ve bought a not so great pair of shoes. What you can not do is make them larger or smaller if you have bought them out of your size.

As far as learning to walk in heels I found more than a few websites on the matter and some funny videos on youtube. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Glitter Pump fashion – comments are hilarious

eHow Phan

Pop Sugar


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