Pop Sugar Must have box – Neiman Marcus Edition

I really did it this time, I had an impulse buy that freaked me out for a few weeks. It was more money than I usually spend on anything and I didn’t even know what “it” was going to be.

As always I’m going to pause for the cause for a moment: I’m going to talk about money today, specifically money I spend. I know that makes some people uncomfortable but I want to make sure I’m honest with you about money and what I spend my hard earned cash on. It is no way a suggestion or reflection on how you should spend yours.

Today I’m talking about the Special Edition Neiman Marcus Box from Pop Sugar Must Have I saw a pic of a beautiful clutch on IG a few weeks ago and realized I had to have it, in a moment of weakness I bought it ($250 plus tax) I semi blame the Fall Style Challenge It’s definitely kept me from purchasing clothes and accessories over the last two months but, on the flip side it has made me up my game in what I’m wearing and purchasing. I mean you need to buy better quality clothing if you’re going to wear it more than a few times right? And If we’re really honest I have a thing for handbags, sometimes even more so than shoes – I think this stems from being a “curvy girl” and shoes can be complicated at times. Handbags not so much, they’re beautiful, easy and so very very fun to show some personality with. I justified with myself that since I would normally spend that much money on one handbag, and with that money spent I would receive other items I could give as Christmas gifts. I received the box Tuesday and let me tell you, I felt like it was Christmas morning opening this baby up.



Each item was individually wrapped, I had a really good time opening them like little gifts and very carefully putting them back for later.

The box came with a Missoni Candle – $88

Lancer Moisturizer $125

The Clare V. Clutch $220

Mariebelle Aztec Hot chocolate $26

Swing Design Glass Hexagon box $30

Monica Rich Kosann Enamel Frame $100

Chantecaille Brillant Gloss and Mascara $33 and $58



I have to tell you I haven’t heard of many of these products, save for the clutch and the candle. They’re good quality and I’ve already started deciding who gets what as gifts. And what did I keep? 🙂 do you even have to ask? Of course I kept the clutch and the beauty products and I have to tell you the moisturizer was awesome to use last night. I think it might be too think for me for the daytime but I already have two that I use anyway. I put the lip gloss on today and I need to double check this but I don’t think the color bled onto my coffee cup – which for a gloss is very very cool! I will be bringing the clutch out this weekend for it’s debut and am very excited to see my girlfriend be a little jealous 🙂

All in all for my $250 investment I received over $650 in products – not too shabby. And I am already looking at the Holiday box for a few more gifts.

Happy Thursday!



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