Holiday Hustle – week 3

Happy Hump day! I hope this finds everyone well. Me? I’m good, I made it though a slew of Dr. appointments yesterday and have a few more follow ups next week (squeaky wheel and all). One up note today was the first day in almost two weeks I had to take some sinus medication, and I think that was more from a cold the crappy teenager brought into the house more than anything else.

So hows the Holiday hustle challenge going? Weeeeelllll, I feel off the juice wagon Friday night and because I felt like I had starved myself for days and days, I am just working on getting back on the wagon today. Mostly because I write my weight loss posts on Wednesday and I’d feel like a hypocrite if I didn’t at least attempt to be healthy. Exercise wise, I’m not doing much more than walking at the moment, I am keeping up to 10K steps a day really 10k by 3pm and the rest is gravy – sadly sometimes thats only 100 more sometimes a whole bunch more. This week also one of my new blogger friends Ellafit invited me to a fit bit challenge and we’ve been plugging away at who can get the most steps in this work week. It’s nice having someone push me and keep me honest šŸ™‚

I am excited to say I decided to try one of the new Beach body plans with a coach. I just purchased today and with full disclosure it was around $200 for the plan, a 30 day supply of some shake thing and a coach. As with everything I’ll keep you posted on progress once I get the plan/equipment and get started. Has anyone else tried this before?

Have a great day!



  1. ellafit says:

    I am trying to think of reasons for leaving the house so i can get more steps in.. Iv found drinking a shed load of water helps. 2.8+ L today… walking to the water fountain, walking to the loom


    • I have that problem on the weekends too! At work it’s pretty easy to hit 10K by the end of the day, a few trips to the cafeteria for water, a quick run down to the end of the hall a few times and an afternoon coffee run pretty much does it for me. But……each floor of my office building is 1/4 mile long, so you’re hiking everywhere. I try to break it up into 2k increments 2k by 7am 4k by 9am 6k by 11am 8k by 1pm and 10k by 3 šŸ™‚ you’re doing awesome!


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