Go out and vote!

It is voting day here in CA, we have a number of propositions to vote on along with candidates and justices. I am not even going to pretend to write a political post, I’m not nearly wise enough in that venue to try and argue any side of any position or tell you which candidate to vote for. Heck I’m not even going to tell you who or what I’m voting for myself, well then what are you going to do Sarah? I’m so glad you asked – I’m going to remind you of your civic duty to go out there and vote! Since I forgot to instill that thought into my own children.

As you may remember my oldest turned 18 a few weeks ago, marking this as her first year she could officially vote in the lovely state of California. Over the last few weeks as the ballot measures and supplemental information has been pouring into our mailbox Steve and I in true form have lovingly tossed it into a pile underneath a few Amazon delivery boxes, and I believe a fresh rack and pinion but I could be mistaken, it could be the old one waiting to be shown to the owner on how bad it actually was (I digress). Last night as is our custom we frantically grabbed all the information we had tossed it on the bed and argued about it for a few hours before we went to sleep. Somewhere over the course of the evening Sabrina came through demanded I flip my laundry so she could do hers and casually asked what we were doing. When we told her she shrugged said ok and as she was leaving said one of the worst things a hippie parent can hear.
“yeh I don’t see the point of voting so I didn’t bother to register, I’m not doing it”
I was stunned!

No really I was stunned!

How could this have possibly happened in my house, under my roof, I’ve raised a non-voter? Not possible. After a little bit of poking and prodding and subsequent fight (in which I lost – I’m pretty sure) She told us flat out that she doesn’t believe the vote of one matters, and honestly doesn’t believe the vote of one generation matters. It’s all rigged, the people with the money will win and she doesn’t see the point in wasting her time.

Did I mention I was stunned?

I don’t know, this generation baffles me more and more as I get older, I mean I know that my one vote doesn’t count for much (just my one vote) but when you add that in to the collective my one vote counts for a whole ideal, it’s my very own little line in the sand, but when added to the other lines we can dig a trench and change the course of the ocean. And how cool is that? Apparently not very cool according to my 18 year old. Is it that way everywhere? Or is my daughter – as she has been known to be with many things – an anomaly. I’m going to check the stats tomorrow and find out what the voter percentages were and how many of them were in that lovely 18-25 bracket. I really hope she’s the exception, and even more so I really hope she realizes how wrong she is.

Tonight for good measure though, when we get home from work we’re going to leash up the pups and grab out 15 year old and wander over to the local school to vote, I’m going to make sure she knows how cool I think it is go get my “I voted” sticker and talk to her about what it means to be a responsible citizen and what your duty is to the voting process. If nothing less maybe I can beat this one into submission before its too late.

Did you vote today?


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