Curvy Girl Style – Fall Style Challenge 1/2 way recap

I realized this morning I’m halfway through my first capsule wardrobe, I can’t believe it. Aside from a small moment about a month ago where I realized window shopping was not a good idea when I’m still fresh to the capsule wardrobe lifestyle. I’ve absolutely loved this journey thus far. Getting dressed in the morning is easy, I have yet to repeat an outfit, although I feel I might be right on the edge of that now, and I’m still really excited about the whole idea of the capsule wardrobe.
All in all over the last 6 weeks, I have created 11 relaxed daytime outfits, either for days off or Friday Causal in the office and 23 work outfits – all tried and true worn out of the house and out into the real world. Of those 34 outfits I have managed to take pictures of 30 of them – wow! I know, how impressed are you with that? I know I am since I’m usually changing out of my sneakers and into heels at 5:45 to take a pic in front of the mirror before I run out the door.
So how do I feel about the next 6 weeks? about my wardrobe? great and a little nervous, it’s starting to get cold here in CA (well CA cold) and I don’t know if I’ve brought enough layering pieces to make it work, I guess we’ll find out.
All in all I’m really excited to know now that this process is not only doable but enjoyable for me. I think this was a huge turning point for me and my excessive wardrobe spending, and I can tell you my credit cards are so much happier not being worked to the bone each weekend. I actually have a little saved for my next capsule already!

Here’s a breakdown of the last 30 looks – some of the pictures are horrendous but I hope you can tell they’re getting better as I get more practice – lol











Have a great Monday!


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