November?? Really?

I’m sitting in bed thinking very bad thoughts about my husband and daughters. Something to the effect of bottomless suckerfish that rip the life and sunshine out of everything at the moment. Do you have those moments? You know the ones where you know someday they might actually show you that they love you but right now that is a long way off, it’s a tiny speck of light that might actually be dust (you’re still not sure) in a very very very dark room. Yup that’s me feeling all warm and fuzzy about my family sitting in bed thinking mean and nasty thoughts about the man sleeping next to me – yes he’s sleeping…..blissfully, hugging on my Sully, as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. The girls you ask? Ah well they’ve taken over my living room, they’re watching some crappy TV show and texting or snap-chatting on their phones (probably with each other) after they’ve trashed the kitchen, leaving their food wrappers and empty drink containers on the counters since they couldn’t bother to open the fridge and eat at home for one more day, no worries thought since there aren’t any clean bowls or spoons left for them to pour their cereal and milk into – which seems to be the only thing teenage girls actually eat (choco nuggets if you’re wondering) but no worries as to anyone actually washing one of those said bowls or spoons, they’ll just start using mugs and the stash of plastic we use for parties. And this is all after they’ve left their bathroom door open again for the dogs to rummage through and eat the trash.

Yes right now I am really thinking bad thoughts about my husband and daughters, and just think I have an extra hour to stew over it tonight.


And what does any of that have to do with November? Oh yeh I forgot this was going to be a post about having only 20 some odd days to get the house in order and a menu and all that great stuff for Thanksgiving (ha) all with not having a free weekend from now until after the end of the year. I think I should probably go wash my face, get back into bed and watch you tube videos of dancing puppies. I’ll let you know how it comes out


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