Holiday Hustle 1st Weigh in

Today marked the first weigh in of the Holiday hustle and for all the issues I’ve had the last few weeks I was pleasantly surprised. Since this challenge runs through the end of the year I know it’s a marathon and I can really work on getting some good habits in place for the start of 2015. On top of that my cousin decided I should co-host the challenge on Facebook so I’ve been actively searching for encouragement each day and attempting to make a good example myself.

With that in mind I decided it was time for another Juice “reboot”, I really think I might decide these things in moments of weakness and severe self loathing, but here I am on day 3 justifying the need for a few pieces of cheese or salami from my husbands snack just because I need dairy or meat or fat or something. Ah well, I’m sucking it up just for the fact that I have a fridge full of kale and spinach and really once you get to a certain point, in the reboot you start believing the juice actually tastes good and you want it. I say this feeling pretty good for day 3 if you had asked me yesterday how I felt about it, I would have told you, juicing sucks, Joe Cross is a masochist (Fat Sick and Nearly Dead) and I don’t care about rebooting anything – give me a sandwich. But today I woke up feeling better and decided I could give it a little bit longer, then I got on the scale – lost two pounds and remembered that although all the weight loss doesn’t stay off when you finish the reboot, most does and it really helps with detoxing from all the crap we eat day to day.

If you’re interested in a juice cleanse/rebooting check out Reboot with Joe

I posted a new set of pics on my progress page, and I wanted to give an update on my measurements, does anyone else use the app?

Here’s a few posts from the Holiday hustle




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