28 day jumpstart challenge 2.0 Fail and Holiday Hustle Countdown

First off I apologize in advance this post is a little short, on the upside I have a new nephew and I’m rushing to go see him! I’m so excited.

And now the other bad news, I have totally fallen off the 28 day jumpstart challenge wagon. It’s not that I haven’t been eating healthy or that I haven’t been exercising I just haven’t been following their plan. It’s a solid one but it requires me to cook two meals most nights and right now we just don’t have the time nor do I have the energy to do that. Next week as we start the Holiday Hustle, Steve already know’s he’s going to have to cook his own food for a while or succumb to the food I’m making (usually a combination of both) – I just didn’t have the umph to make a go of it before.

Here’s my two posts for the Holiday Hustle – again anyone that wants to participate is welcome and can either comment here or pop me an email and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Status Post:

T minus nine (9) days and counting! to the Beginning of the Holiday Hustle!  I’m so excited – we currently have 13 people signed up that means there’s $260 in the pot to the winner, that would pay a bill from Christmas right?

Need help remembering about the Holiday Hustle?  here’s a quick reminder from last week:

Hello all my dear and wonderful friends and family.  Can you believe it’s almost October? that means there’s only 3 months until the end of the year, even more importantly we’re heading into the dreaded holiday eating season.  Are you ready for that? I know I’m not.
What if you had a secret weapon to help keep you on track thorugh this season? Even better what if you won some money to help pay your credit card bills from all your holiday shopping? 
Join our Holiday Hustle Challenge and you’ll get weekly support through the holidays, including recipes and excercise plans, support from others who are participating and one lucky winner will “win the pot” at the end of the challenge. 
If you are interested either comment or messasge me our Courtney Brownrigg for an invitation to the event!

Holiday Hustle Post:
Eating through the weekend

I always tell people I’m “curvy” because I like food, I mean I really like food! And that is a true statement, I love Brie, and Wine, and choclate, red meat and pastries and anything that you can think of that Julia Child might make (excpet aspic – that’s yucky).  But that’s not really what my problem is with being overweight.  My problem is I eat while I’m watching TV, if a show is on I’m thinking about what snack I want then eat it, and eat some more and more and more. On Saturday afternoons when all the housecleaning is done I am in front of the TV catching up on all the DVR’d shows from the week, and I literally am snakcing my way through the whole thing.  I tell you something else, I’m not snacking on carrots and fruit (well sometimes but thats becasue I really like carrots and fruit) usually it’s homemade popcorn with tons of butter, or “crack corn” with brown sugar and butter (yummy) sometime for kicks and giggles we add Reeses Pieces to the popcorn.  Sometimes it’s not popcorn it’s chips and chocolate, or chese and lunch meat with crackers.  All in all it’s the junk that I really shouldn’t be eating mass quantities of and I know it, I head to be those evenings feeling guilty and swear I’m going to do better next weekend – but how?  I hate to say it but I’m not going to stop watching TV and not snacking has backfired on me too many times.  Where’s the balance?  What’s the middle ground with some snacking on healthy stuff that makes me feel satisfied and keeps me from totally blowing all the work I’ve done over the course of the week?  That’s one of my goals for this challenge, breaking the bad eating cycle on the couch and finding healthier alternatives without giving up the TV.  

I should have updated progress pics up this week as well.


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