Curvy Girl Style – September Hits and Misses

Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it’s the end of the month already? We’re literally in the last quarter of the year as of tomorrow, and don’t get me started on Christmas – I’m so not there yet. In light of that I have a few more months to be selfish – lol. Here’s a few things that I totally loved this month and one or two that I didn’t.



Fitbit Flex – my mom got me one for my birthday and I’m still using it. It tracks my daily steps for me, and has a whole lot of other functions that I really need to learn more about on the website but the awesome thing is it connects to my Lose It app and updates my exercise. On top of that I just upgraded my phone so it will autosync with it instead of me manually doing it to my computer at home which should keep me more up to date.

Hair Romance Wet hair styles – I admit it, its been way too hot recently to blow dry my hair, well maybe now as the mornings get cooler but since we’re still hitting the high 80’s low 90’s more often than not at the end of the day, I’m not keeping my hair down anyway – yes I am totally one of those people that cannot stand to have my hair on my neck if it’s hot. This blog is awesome for inspiration to begin with but when I saw the pin about styling your wet hair I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The only ones I’m staying away from are the two pony tails – my hair is far to fragile when wet and tends to break if I pull it back tight.

Stylebook app – this app was suggested by Caroline over at to help with working with your capsule wardrobe, there’s a little bit of labor at the onset but I’ve loved being able to mix and match my outfits (and with my actual clothes) before trying them on, plus it tracks for me when I wore something, how often I’ve worn it or if I’ve worn it at all. As I get farther into my capsule I think this information is going to be invaluable.

Urban Decay – All Nighter – I had read a few reviews about this product and was intrigued – I tend to be a sweater and have had more than a few occasions where I have literally melted out of my makeup I decided I would I take my sample bottle with me down to Disneyland and see how it fared. OMGee it was amazing! I really didn’t think it would work, but it did, then I was really worried it was going to be hard to remove – guess what? It wasn’t and then finally I was worried it would make me breakout like everything does and guess what again? It didn’t – honestly it might have been the highlight of my month beauty wise – that’s how much I loved this product.


Sally Hansen Nail stickers – OK I have to admit there are times that I really like putting on the lacquer stickers and walking away -they take about 10 minutes to apply right and then you’re good for at least a week if not longer, plus they have some really fun designs. I’ve tried a few brands and loved them, unfortunately the Sally Hansen brand did not live up to expectations, sadly still they’re about the same price as the one’s I get from Sephora so the disappointment was double

NO MAPPLE LATTES FROM PEET’S – Why I ask, WHY? I really want you to picture a toddler throwing a temper tantrum at the moment, I’m that upset about this. It was my answer to all the crappy Pumpkin Spice coffee drinks going around – I’m not a fan and don’t get the hype. I found out earlier this month from my favorite Barista they would not be coming back with my fall fave this year. Peet’s coffee execs if you’re reading this, you’re making a huge mistake! (sigh)

Well there you have it! Did you fall in or out of love with any products this month?


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