Curvy Girl Style – Fall Style Challenge – Accessories

WooHoo it’s the day after hump day! And here that means another post about challenging myself to pare down my closet and have it still feel stylish and fresh. I’ve been following these two trains of thoughts for the last few weeks – one from my dear friend – you can read about here and another blogger I’ve been reading about that seems intriguing and doable from a style perspective you can read a post about it here .

Let’s talk about accessories! I love accessories they’re so much fun and they can fall anywhere between really cheap and really expensive. I usually fall somewhere in the middle but I have been blessed with a family of lovely women that pass down their gently used costume jewelry. As with most everything in my wardrobe, I’m a firm believer in more is more, my accessories are no exception. So I thought with this capsule wardrobe I would try to pare down on all aspects of my wardrobe. A few weeks ago I sifted through all of my jewelry and pick out the pieces that would go my clothing choices the best, then the rest were lovingly put away to be used in other capsules.

Its funny as I look at things now in the pictures, I really picked fall colors in my jewelry items far more than in my clothing items – aside from the obvious boots, and coats.



I’m keeping track of how often I wear each of these pieces as well just to see how well I picked things out at the start.

Between the Disney trip and being sick the first part of this week, I only have a few outfit pics for the week, and wouldn’t you know the first one is really blurry – that’s what I get for rushing through taking photos in the morning. I’m sure I’ll get better at it as we go farther along.

One thing I realized almost two weeks in is I need to pay attention to my color blocking. I really like the outfit in the middle until I realized I was just a big dark blob from head to toe, needless to say I’ll lighten it up the next time I wear any of the pieces again.

Happy Thursday!


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