Curvy Girl Style – Packing For Disney!

OMGEE I am so so so very excited today, I am officially packing for a whirlwind Disneyland trip! This is a trip of firsts if you can believe it, first time with a friend, no kids no hubby, first time flying in years (we usually drive), first time I’ve stayed in a hotel room by myself, and in a king size bed no less! I feel like I might be the mom from cheaper by the dozen where she has to order more pillows to feel comfortable in the bed.

Another first and this is going to sound funny to most, I’m not checking any luggage for the flight, and sadly it’s become a fearful time for me at the moment. Why? well for a few reasons, biggest one I tend to over pack. My husband laughs every time we have to go somewhere – even camping, I always come back with clothes that weren’t worn and items unused, it’s not that I’m indecisive, it’s because I over think. I’m a planner, I don’t know if you’ve picked up on that yet. Almost neurotically, I like to make sure every variable is factored in and prepare for it. Then once I get there….and unpack! I can relax because everything’s been factored in and I have it all under control, or a that point I’ve become so exhausted with preparing I no longer care about what’s forgotten we can just grab it while we’re there. I even make little packets up with all the reservations, what time we’re doing things if they have a time attached to them (that’s important info to know) and fun little tidbits about the places we’re going to. Funny story, we travel with my mom a lot, even before my dad died, up to the first trip she had no idea what it was like to travel with me. The first time we head off to Disneyland I hand her a folder with hotel info, park hours, a map to pick out the things she wants to do etc. – she was floored, that I put that much pre-work into the trip. Now she tells everyone she loves traveling with me because she doesn’t have to do anything but show up at the designated location.

So the thought have having to pare down my choices to not include every factor is got me a little bit up in a tizzy. Plus I’m a girl so I need all of my girl products to go with me to keep me looking like a girl – I’m not sure what I think will happen if I don’t have everything but my mother talked me down earlier this week reminding me there is a Sephora in Downtown Disney, if I need to pick up anything taken by security (I’m totally afraid they’re going to take all of my stuff from me) or forgotten.
Needless to say I’m a little concerned about packing this one bag. I know in the scheme of life, this is really not a big deal and I know my clothes and even a small amount of my “girl” stuff will fit in this bag, but it’s what I’m obsessing on over leaving the kids, dogs and the hubby alone for 3 days!
On a totally separate note for those that might be following my capsule wardrobe you might notice a few items that aren’t in my capsule – yes that’s correct I did this for two reasons, one it’s really hot in SoCal at the moment and I’m grabbing a few summer items to accommodate for that and two – well really there isn’t a second reason -hmmm. I am factoring on buying some souvenirs while I’m down there so all bets are off on the way home. I may have to check my bag at that point, so I’ve added one of my very favorite almost free coach bags and a truly (depending on how you look at it) free Victoria Secrets bag into the carryon for the return flight.

So how did I do? Well I still overpacked – I’m taking the following
1 pair of shorts
2 tank tops
2 regular tops
1 sweater
1 maxi dress
1 pair sandal heels
1 pair of flip flops
1 workout outfit
1 sweater
plus a pair of capris I’m wearing down

on the upside everything fits including the extra bags to bring home if I need them, including a day bag I forgot I had! Bonus!

I am so ready to go!


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