28 Day Jumpstart Challenge 2.0 and the Holiday Hustle

I am blessed to have such a close and wonderful family, and while I grew up “alone” even with two older step-sisters, I was never really alone with all of my cousins growing up. As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown closer to each of my girl cousins for various reasons and have formed wonderful bonds with each. Courtney has become my weight loss buddy, even though she’s at the end of her loss journey and working toward maintenance she is my cheerleader my shelter and my drill Sargent when I need her to be 🙂 – She’s the one that got me started on the New Year’s challenge 9 very long months ago and more recently the Fit Girls Guide – 28 day challenge. Although she was unable to complete I had a great time with it and am looking forward to doing it again next week.

If your interested in joining head on out to Fit Girls Worldwide and download the e-book – use the code FitGirl10 at checkout for a discount!

Follow them on IG and the instructions for joining and immerse yourself in a world of support, awesome food ideas and workout plans. I have found more people to follow and followers that are supportive of my weight loss goals in the last few months because of it. If you want send me a direct message @sarahlkirkland and we can follow each other with our progress – and you can see all the crazy dog pictures I post (among other things 🙂 )

If you want to read about the first challenge check out…..

week 4
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week 2
week 1

I’m also really excited because on 10/15 – we’re starting an end of year – Holiday Hustle Challenge – it’s a 6 week challenge on Facebook where you track and record your weight along with a few before, mid and after pics. It’s a $20 buy-in with the winner getting all the cash, if you’re interested in joining comment below and I’ll send you the Facebook invite. Here’s a few thoughts I added to the event today, just to give you a taste of what you can expect over the challenge:

Wow – we are just one month away from the start of this challenge – 4 weeks, 30 days (I counted 🙂 )  Courtney gave us a task of coming up with five things we wanted to change during our challenge.  Today I thougth I’d give you two of mine and offer up a few support options as we move closer to start day.

1.  I want to learn to control my evening eating – I am a mindless eater when I get in front of the TV.  Now on the upside when I do challenges I’m usually more active and spend less time in front of the TV – bonus. But on rest day or when I’m not feeling well, I crawl my behind out to the couch and dig in for a good few hours of brain rot. Then I get hungry, and I eat junk food, then I’m even more hungry – see the cycle?  sound familiar? So this go round I want to find other things to do instead of eating while watching TV, or find other things to eat that won’t absolutely kill the scale when I do have those days.

2. Secondly –  I want to complete the couch to 5K program, I’ve started it too many times to count and each time at about week 4 I give up and decide there’s way better things to do with my time than spend a half hour, outside, with my dogs and my hubby (I know I’m kinda twisted that way).  This challenge I want to make it though week 6 and hopefully that will get me to see the light and finish off week 8.

Do any of you have goals set yet?

Lastly I wanted to share with you a few other support options though this challenge, I know I start these types of things up, lose focus, lose faith and if it wasn’t for having someone to talk to about it (Courtney) I wouln’t be as motivated to complete the challenges off.  With that in mind I promise to post on facebook thoughts and ideas weekly leading up to and during the Holiday hustle, I/We will also post a few recipies and  exercise plans we think you guys would want to try.  I urge you to do the same, the best way get support it to help support some one else right?

Fit Girls worldwide is starting another 28 day challenge on September 22nd (Courtney and I did one in August) It will run through the start of our challenge but I think it would be an excellent kickstart to anyone that wants to try. I will be doing it myself to get back on track for our challenge.  If your interested head over to FitGirlsWorldwide.com and enter Cupon Code: Fitgirl10.  Once you download post a pic on IG Tag – @fitgirlsguide
and @fitgirlsworldwide and #fitgirlsguide – heck tag Courtney and I as well – @courtneyelizabethbrownrigg and @sarahlkirkland we’re all for the fun!

Have a great week!


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