Curvy Girl Style – Fall Style Challenge – pulling it all together

WooHoo it’s hump day! And here that means another post about challenging myself to pare down my closet and have it still feel stylish and fresh. I’ve been following these two trains of thoughts for the last few weeks – one from my dear friend – you can read about here and another blogger I’ve been reading about that seems intriguing and doable from a style perspective you can read a post about it here .

As the 15th quickly approaches I am starting to get worried, I’ve already had to put a small “cheat” in place – I’m heading down to Disneyland next week! Yes I’m totally excited and aside from totally talking it up on the blog as I get closer I will totally be photobombing on IG. Every time I go down I pick up a few “subtle” items to add to my wardrobe – I have a Mickey Scarf, shoes, a few shirts, yoga pants……etc. I think I’ve mentioned I’m a huge Disney fan – plus just to add insult to injury I got an email with these babies, I just don’t think I can resist.

But that’s not the real reason why I’m worried, As I put all of my clothes away a few weeks ago, I really did bag up, two huge space bags full of clothes, and put away almost nine pairs of shoes (you know I’m a shoe freak), can I really make it 3 months without buying anything else? can I really make it 3 months with what I’ve picked? Then I started in on the trend of….when you read the posts from Unfancy she’s a photographer and works out of her home, I work in a corporate environment by day, PTA mom many weeknights and total slob on the weekend. Can I really adjust my wardrobe to fit that life? Of course the answer is yes, my weekend gear isn’t all that far off of work – swap for a pair of jeans or flip flops on an outfit and I’m good to go. Add the fact that if I’m not going anywhere I’m in yoga pants and a mens T-shirt most days (yes it’s a wonder people even think I can attempt to dress nicely if they met me at home). So what’s my fear?
The unknown of course – so I started fitting this fall capsule to me – I have a few more tops than the proposed 15 and a few more bottoms 🙂 I continue to remind myself I can use all the accessories I like and I am really going to try to stick to that ideal through this process.

And like all good plans I was going to show off my capsule this evening but my computer has been claimed by a teenager in need of completing homework and while I would very much like to tell her to kiss off, I can’t so my dear friends I will work on getting them posted before the end of the week.

Happy Humpday!


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