Curvy Girl Style – Fall Style Challenge – Shoes

WooHoo it’s hump day! And here that means another post about challenging myself to pare down my closet and have it still feel stylish and fresh. I’ve been following these two trains of thoughts for the last few weeks – one from my dear friend – you can read about here and another blogger I’ve been reading about that seems intriguing and doable from a style perspective you can read a post about it here . Since the middle of the month is quickly approaching I thought I’d start out by showing you the shoes I’ve picked out for this fall’s capsule wardrobe.



We have really mild weather here in the fall, honestly I could get away with wearing my summer wardrobe until almost November, save for the fact that we really love fall styles around here and we get the morning fog that can make it a little chilly.  For my shoes, I picked a good cross between fall colors and styles (boots) along with my summer faves and “old faithfuls” to get me through this first capsule.

From the top row left to right I have – Tom’s Wedges (old), Top sider flats (new) and Nine West Kitten heels (new) – I managed to get the new shoes at the rack this weekend for a steal.

2nd row – I don’t know if you can see them well but the “Ked” type shoes have lips all over them, I love them and wear them on casual Fridays and the weekends, (old) Next I have my booties from Old Navy of all places (old), and lastly my knee highs  (old)- I get a lot of use out of these puppies through winter.

bottom row – vintage heels (old) I got them this spring to replace a pair of Steve Maddens that had seen better days (, sparkly heels again from Old Navy (old) and my new favorite Shooties from Macy’s (newish)

I didn’t add the 3 pairs of tennis/workout shoes, since I really only wear them to workout or around the house well that and back and forth from the parking lot to the office (did I mention it’s almost a 1/2 mile from parking space to my desk?)  If you see them sometimes in pics I’m sorry I usually try to keep them out.

As you can see I really only purchased two new pairs of shoes, ones that I really needed to round out my wardrobe anyway and I’m sure they’ll be used more than just in this fall capsule.  As for the rest of my shoe collection? Right now they have lovingly been placed in boxes and put up in my closet to be used for other capsules.

I did decide if I had a pair of shoes that doesn’t get used in a capsule or more than 3 over the course of the year, I can safely assume I’m not ever going to wear them again.

Next week it’s on to what I’ve used from my own wardrobe and what I purchased new for fall, before the big reveal in two weeks.

Are you looking forward to fall Styles?




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