Curvy Girl Style – August hits and misses

Cheers to the freaking weekend! And a long one at that, I realized I’ve only done one of these this year and I had so much fun doing the first one I decided I’d try to make them a monthly occurance. Here’s a few beauty item I’m totally in love with at the moment and one or two that fell short.

I want to make one small stipulation up front – I tend to buy pricier hair and makeup items 1. because I’ve tried the cheaper drugstore items and they either don’t work or dissapoint, and 2. I’ve found most of the higher end products do not leave me swollen, broken out or peeling from additives they put in to keep their price margins down. These are what work for me đŸ™‚


Dior – Iconic overcurl mascara I might as well start with the expensive stuff, I’ve been in the market for a new mascara and decided I would give into the hype at Sephora and give Dior a try – I have one of their Lip balms and have used it so much I’m going to have to replace really soon (it’s a first for me) This mascara has not disapointed, it’s not thick, it’d doesn’t clump and it doesn’t make my lashes so stiff it hurts when they hit my sunglasses.

Japonesque – Finishing powder It’s the summer, it’s hot and I’m one of those people who’s make runs off of their face if I don’t put a finishing powder on, I found this when Ulta opened at our local strip mall and have been pleasantly pleased with it, it’s light weight, non drying and doesn’t sink into the fine lines

Smashbox – primer I was in the market for a new primer and foundation – I had realized what I was using previously was settling into my fine lines (for the younger crowd that might read this and you smoke – quit now!!!! it’ll be better for you in the long run) I needed something that was going to fill them in (I called it bondo – the little girl at the store didn’t get the reference) This primer does just that and gives a matte finish to your skin before your foundation goes on, I’m really pleased with it so far.

It’s a 10 – leave in – I’m not blow drying my hair at the moment (did I mention it’s hot) and what I realized is I still need a little extra love when I get out of the shower since I’m not adding heat protectant, my stylist recommended it, knowing I have fine and rather dry hair, I’ve been really happy with this product so far, it doesn’t weigh my hair down, and doesn’t make it feel really greasy

Jergens Natural Glow I love this self tanner, it doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t turn me orange, and it does work gradually enough that people think you might have actually gotten a tan as opposed to fake and bake.

misses –
Philosophy Miracle Worker – night cream – I feel really bad about this miss – I love this brand and have been really pleased with most of their products but for some reason this moisturizer dries my face out. I’m trying a new product at the moment and if it pans out I’ll add it to next months list.

Did you try any hair/ face products this month that you love?


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