28 day Jumpstart Challenge – final week

Well this week has been challenging at best, weekends are always hard for me, add in a migraine midweek and birthday celebrations over the weekend and I tell you I’ll be amazed if I lose any weight at all during this challenge. OK I’m exaggerating but sometimes it really feels that way.

Here’s the week in review:

Sunday – last weekend we went to the Chiropractor and she did a number on my back – Sunday I woke up sore and stiff even though I drank a whole bunch of water and stretched before I went to bed. Needless to say I spent a lot of time on the floor alternating between ice and a hot water bottle just to get me upright for Monday.

Monday – we hit the grocery store after work and I even managed to get my prep in for the evening.

Tuesday – I woke up to a migraine – or better yet – my migraine woke me up – luckily I am plagued with the sinus variety so once I get some Sudafed and Motrin in me, along with a lot of sleep I’m usually ok – this one knocked me down for most of the day and Steve did not feel like cooking for me – so we ordered Pizza – I didn’t even bother to try to be healthy and I payed for it for a few days after.

Wednesday – Friday – back on track and even though we went out Friday night running errands we decided to come back home to eat dinner.

Saturday – was full of shopping prep for school and we had mom’s birthday dinner, I don’t think I ate horribly – I even updated my taco back to include less of the bad stuff, pinto beans instead of refried, and ground chicken instead of beef, but there were glorious tortilla chips and they could not be ignored. Steve thinks if he gives me a tortilla flavored salt lick I would be happy and he might just be right.

Sunday morning – around 3:30 am we had an earthquake and while we were fine and the house stood, my nerves were fried and we laid around watching TV and eating horrible things we shouldn’t have.

So today I am back on track with a good solid breakfast – I have to give up for the fridge oats – this weeks Apple Pie variety were so very tasty – and I had a soup and salad from downstairs. I’m back to drinking all of my water and hopefully I’ll flush all of the salt out of my system soon and I’ll feel less bloated – yes that’s what I’m going to call it today. And how do I feel? This week reiterated some of the things that I had been musing about recently – I have some serious food issues (I don’t know if I’d call it allergies) and keeping an eating plan that’s plant rich and full of lean protein really does keep me feeling better. Even when grains and bread come into the mix I’m looking for lighter alternatives not to shave calories but to keep me from feeling awful when I wake up the next day. Now I just have to remind my stomach over and over again as to why we’re eating like this and why pretzels are so very bad for me.

Now on to the final week of the challenge –

I can tell you I will already be making some changes to the menu – I’m going to keep going with the fridge oats – trying to “cook” a hot breakfast in the morning is just too complicated for me. And while I’m going to give the polenta one last go – I’m not hopeful so…….maybe more growed up girl cheese sandwiches – OMGEE those were totally awesome last week….


As far as exercise goes – if I can make it thought the week without falling off track I’ll be pleased – with the girls both back in school our schedule turns back into total chaos, most days we fall into bed 10 minutes after we get home and start it all back over 5 hours later.


I did manage to go out and get a new workout outfit, I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it, I love the tank top – although I’ll have to work into the slogan. Annndddd for finishing week 3 I get to schedule myself a spa treatment so I’m going for a facial on Friday – more on that later.

I hope everyone as a wonderful week!

What are your biggest food challenges?

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    • Thank you – the actual challenge and plan information is at fitgirlsworldwide.com and I just found out yesterday they will be starting a new challenge up at the end of the month – if you have Instagram their username is fitgirlsguide 🙂


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