Mom’s Birthday weekend

My mother is one of my best friends, I know that may sound weird to some, but it’s something awesome that we’ve grown into once I got old enough to figure out she really did know things – definitely more than I did. Add two of my own children into the mix and she became the island in the storm of teenage hormones and attitude. I know I know, mushy right – but yep that’s me one big mushy marshmallow.

Mom’s birthday is next week, so as any good daughter would do I’m dedicating the next few posts to celebrating birthdays and specifically moms birthday. OK Mom stop reading now, no really stop reading unless you want to know what we’re doing this weekend. OK I’m joking – my mom doesn’t really read my blog, – at least I don’t think she does – mom if you decide that today’s the day you’re going to start reading my blog – STOP READING…..It takes a long time to plan these birthday surprises out I don’t have time to plan something else.

Phew – now that we have that out of the way……….Back to Birthday planning. This year we’re going to be a little mellow about the festivites, she just had her knee replaced two months ago and she’s not quite up for figure skating or spelunking – I’ve always wanted to try that, although I think I would be bad at it, I’m not a fan of small things that move quickly, or really the dark, or confined spaces, I think that might actually rule me out of ever enjoying that sport. Anyhoo I have procured a few fun and or thoughtful gifts, for my wonderful if not slightly gimpy mother, but, I will no be showing any of them until after I have given them too her – Just in case she’s still reading. MOM – Stop Reading – And we will be having a dinner of some sort this Saturday night although she has not told me what the menu is or what we’ll be having as our sweet……sometimes I feel like this might be a surprise dinner for me as well.

Hmm- I’ve realized I might actually be more tired than I thought before I started writing this post and while I’m going to hit the publish I think I might really regret it in the moring.



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