Curvy Girl Style – Paring down style challenge – Sunglasses

Whew these weather shifts in the Bay Area are doing a number on my poor sinus’ – does anyone else get sinus migraines? Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, I couldn’t really see straight so……..

Anyhoo – It’s Wednesday and it’s Style Challenge day – you can see last week’s post here if you want to know how this started – I’ve actually been thinking about this post with dread, I thought I’d start with my purse obsession but the thought of trying to figure out how many purses and what styles are best, overwhelmed me to the core, I actually sat in a corner for a little while and rocked myself….really… scared me! So I thought I would start with something simple, an accessory, now I’m not going to talk about accessories for the most part, I think that’s a personal choice and most women have hand me downs, and little things that they pick up from a million different places and it would be hard to say, hey – you really only need x amount of bracelets or, y number of earings. And if you’re like me who likes to accessorize you may have a number of the same types of things – like watches – I have one for each season – well really I have more than that but I have a few with dead batteries that I haven’t taken to a watch guy yet, maybe I’ll talk about watches but again for the most part accessories will not be part of this series.

Now on to the subject – Sunglasses! Yes I really did say sunglasses and yes I really do think women and men should have more than one pair. I love sunglasses, there are so many styles, shades and colors plus prices vary so much, that for the most part you can get yourself a few pairs for less than $30 and if your like my husband that would almost get you 5 pairs from the local gas station – polarized and all!

How many for men? Well I think that’s a matter of a mans opinion but you guys could probably get away with one pair, maybe two if your outdoorsy. One pair for all of your outdoor activities (like your grubbies) and one pair for everything else.

For women? dun dun dun……really I think ladies could get away with a bare minimum of two maybe three – if you have more or think more is better I’m all for it but from a pared down approach three is my number. One big pair – think Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys


One small pair – think old school Locs or if your remember them as “stay highs” all those pretty colors 🙂


and one “B!t#h” pair – ones that say “don’t effing talk to me today” – ladies you know the ones’s that fit your face that way – it’s like Michelle Rodriguez in The Fast and the Furious


Now I say maybe two pairs because for some women the small pair can double as their “B!t#h” pair and some can’t – mine do! But you know me I love accessories so I have a few pairs just because. What does my sunglass collection look like at the moment?

I had a pair of aviators at the beginning of the summer but some “crappy teenager” snagged them and because her head/hair is bigger than mine stretched them out….I say knowingly – so guess who got themselves a new pair of glasses? Oh Well – when “I feel the need, the need for speed” – I’ll go out and grab another pair (and bonus points to anyone who knew that saying)

What’s your favorite pair of sunglasses?


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