28 Day Jumpstart challenge – week 3

Whew – Halfway through the challenge and for the most part going strong. I had a minor setback this weekend – chalk it up to hormones and we’ll move on, but even with that I’m feeling really good about my progress and what’s ahead.

Here’s the week in review:

Sunday night prep – well as stated last week I got a slow start and ended up making a salad at whole foods on Monday – usually Sunday’s are our recuperate days and it’s been hard to get out of that mode.

Monday- back on track with Lasagna roll ups for dinner – they were very tasty and filling and I’m proud of myself I made it through the pushups today without taking a rest. (they’re still girl pushups but it’s a start)

Tuesday – I had a meeting so I ended up having my 2nd day of roll ups – still tasty and worked out a little late in the evening – but I still worked out – Yay me!

Wednesday – well today I answered the question of do I really like Polenta? The answer is…..ehhhh. I’ve eaten better thing in my life, but, it’s better than Hummus. I also decided whole wheat English Muffins area really heavy so I decided to finish out the week with whole wheat toast for my breakfast.

Thursday – totally running late and didn’t have time to cook my egg or toast at home…..no worries grabbed a slice of whole wheat toast and a scrambled egg with just a smidgen of cheese from the cafeteria – Score!

Friday – I really felt like I was on a roll, I stayed home but managed to get all of my exercise and weight training done early – had a modified lunch and although the hubby and I ate out for dinner I still had a chicken salad and stayed on track.

Saturday/Sunday – well as I said the weekend was hard – we ate out again on Saturday night – Pasta – I ate healthy but still managed to feel really bloated, then yesterday I got a craving for a cheeseburger and gave into temptation. Ah well – I figure once out of two weeks of really awful eating I can afford it – as long as it’s not a habit and I’m willing to “pay for it”. Needless to say we didn’t make it to the grocery store yesterday either so…… I went for a standard of fruit, greek yogurt and granola for breakfast, and a lovely greek salad for lunch – with a lighter vinaigrette instead of the traditional greek dressing.

So How do I feel? Well I will say a little heavy and sludgy today – but after the weekend that’s to be expected – on the upside I had no problem getting back into healthy eating habits today and I’m looking forward to a long walk with the pups and a workout tonight after shopping.

I still haven’t weighed myself – but that will come this week. My clothes feel like they fit better and based on my measurements – I’ve lost about a 1/2 inch everywhere except my hips and my waist (darn it) I’m hoping that will reflect well on the scale.

Now on to Week 3

The food looks really yummy this week, at this time I have no interest in subbing anything major, (I’m not a fan of Tahini dressing, so vinaigrette it is) other than that I’ll let you know if anything else changes


Again exercise is much of the same just adding of reps

I’ll keep you updated on the weight loss and what my new “exercise outfit” ends up being!

Happy Monday
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