Summer Reading

I have to admit, I have become that person that smiles at you and says “Well the last thing I read was “insert magazine title here”, “.

For me that would be, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Bon Appetit – and those are the heavy reads, there’s also Glamour, Lucky, Real Beauty and sometimes, Cosmo – but really only if I’m desperate or it’s free. It’s not like I don’t have books to read and honestly it’s not like I don’t have the time to read, but sometimes it’s that I lack the attention, other times the devotion to give my self over to a book through it’s conclusion.

I’m one of those readers that once I start a story, nothing else exists until it’s over, I laugh, cry, gasp and grit my teeth through the pages, rooting for the characters, wondering what they’re doing when I’m not reading about them, as I fall asleep I’ll see the text against my closed eyes, like I once did with Tetris or Super Mario Bros (did anyone else have that problem?) I neglect dinner, my husband the house, I blow off social gatherings, I’ll take extra long breaks in the office just to sit and find a quiet place to read. If the “man” in the book is being a jerk- all men are jerks and my husband must pay. If the woman is thrown into a deep depression, I tend to find myself slightly down. And if there’s talk about food, goodness do I get hungry.

As is always the case I am trying to carve out time for each of the activities I love and reading is on the top of that list. I guess thats the payment for being an only child that was far to curious for her parents good! Mom taught me to read early – although my pop is a heavy reader as well and so are/were both of my grandfathers – I have to say it was a shock to know they were an exception not the norm when I got older and started dating. I digress –

Here’s the list of books I have to read at the house right now:

The house at Riverton
The Forgotten Garden
The White Princess
In the Garden of Beasts

I have a few others but those are the ones on my nightstand staring at me each night.

What books are you reading this summer? What’s on your reading list?



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