Curvy Girl Style – Paring down style challenge

I found the perfect little purse today on the Kate Spade Surprise sale site, it was smallish, had the classic Chanel quilted look, and was almost 70% off. I mean honestly $129 for a full sized Kate Spade is almost unheard of. I spent the day debating over the purchase, Steve and I are working on no superfluous spending, and trying to dig out of the debt trap that hangs over most middle class couples. But on the other hand, I have to keep up my work wardrobe – and sadly I work in a rather affluent city in the Bay Area and there are expectations to maintain. Besides, how can you be a Curvy girl with style – with nothing stylish? I was still debating as I headed off to coffee this afternoon (having gotten the go ahead from the husband- yes he is a very good man!) and decided to discuss it with my dear friend, he was unimpressed, but he’s a boy and I didn’t really take his opinion to heart. He firmly thinks a girl only needs one purse, and one pair of shoes, and yes only one watch. He thinks men really only need these things too, so it’s not a gender thing, he just doesn’t understand the need for multiple accessories. Now I will admit I may have a small addiction to all thing retail based, but I do believe that women and men need multiples of many things in their wardrobes to make them versatile and stylish. There are many many articles from online to print to Pinterest that show us the wonderful beauty of accessorizing the perfect little black dress from day to night with just a few little tweaks here and there, and we as consumers think yes, I’m being savvy by buying this little black dress and all these wonderful extra accessories to go with them. But I started to wonder as I walked back to my desk high on caffeine and milk sugars, maybe you could have too many….ok I’m not talking like Imelda Marcos had too many pairs of shoes, but maybe there was a sweet spot to what you needed vs. what you wanted. So I thought since I just finished cleaning out my closet perhaps I could take it a step further and as we move into fall find out whats really needed across the Style board to keep a working girl stylish and frugal (not cheap) I’ll keep you updated and we’ll all see what that magic number is….if there really is one.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? how many do you think you should have/need?

PS – I forgot to mention in all of my brain meanderings last night, after all of my debating by the time I got back to the website my purse was sold out 😦 – guess it was not meant to be.



  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    From a male perspective…I now have 3 pairs of shoes, one of which are work shoes. I have two pairs of sneakers, one for casual wear, and one for playing basketball. I used to have many more when i was single, but with kids, those luxuries are quick to disappear. Now things are much more utilitarian. 🙂


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