28 day Jumpstart challenge – week 2

One week down – 3 to go!

I have to say for the most part this challenge has been enjoyable – well enjoyable enough to any weight loss, healthy eating challenge can be. I’ve love all of the pics and support/comments on Instagram, the exercise program is easy to follow and for a “beginner” like me challenging enough to make me sore the next day. The only gripe I have is with the food, and really just the lack of variety and/or imagination on my part to make the food better. Here’s a breakdown of the week:

Sunday night -food prep for the first few days of the program – I really should have paid more attention to how I was going to be eating the food I was preparing, I would have used more spices on some, or prepped a little differently for better flowing food.

Monday – Day 1 – Fridge oats are not necessarily my favorite food but the were filling and got me though the morning like a champ. Also as always I keep my coffee routine – I did go back to drip coffee in the morning and Iced in the afternoon as opposed to my lattes but, you’ll be hard pressed to find me without at least a daily cup of coffee…..ever. I worked out in the evening, had dinner and called it a day.

Tuesday/Wednesday day’s 2 and 3 – more of the same – I literally suffered through the most boring lunches ever the last 3 days and vowed to make sure I had some flavor to add to he party the rest of the week.

Wednesday night- I marinated my chicken, roasted my veggies with spices and love like you wouldn’t believe, and decided that it was ok to sauté my kale with garlic (the absolute best way to eat kale) – because I was still eating Kale.

Thursday – day 4 – I realized there is no reason why anyone should voluntarily eat hummus and I just wasn’t going to do it anymore – also black beans – not my favorite so – I opted out and replaced with a hard boiled egg.
Thrusday was also – pick your own cardio – where I danced my “Sir-mix-a lot” behind to Just dance 2014 It was awesome!

Friday – day 5 – I have to mention here the dinners this week were pretty tasty, they were not things I had thought of but I actually looked forward to the veggie street tacos tonight.

Saturday – day 6 – weekends are hard and Saturday was challenging at best- I didn’t get my cardio in, breakfast I was out and had to figure out how to be healthy at a bagel shop – it is possible but not as tasty as I would have liked, again due to the prep of the people not necessarily because of the food. I went to Sprouts to buy groceries later and decided to try our last pizza night on Lavash – it was awesome – although I also decided to pick up some salt water taffy for “Steve” I had a handful myself and really paid for it most of the evening and the following morning – who knew that sugar would make you so bloated and yucky?

Sunday – again I struggled with getting enough exercise in, and because of a few out of normal things Steve had to take care of we didn’t shop until almost 7:30, by the time we got home and made dinner there was no way I was prepping for the following days food and I felt really bad. (side note – I did really well with lunch today and had a very tasty salad from Whole Foods with and oil and vinegar dressing – so not too bad)

Pros – this week was super easy if not exciting in the food department – even a novice cook can reproduce any of the items on the list. The Exercise plan was easy to follow and challenging enough to make me very sore the first few days. And huge kudos for all of the posts and support on Instagram – I really felt like I had a lot of people rooting for me this week.

Cons – really just the lack of variety of food that got me down.

All in all week one was a success


Now on to week 2, for meals I will tell you I have subbed other veggies for the pumpkin roll ups, I like squash but only in soup and really only when it’s cold – and no I’m am not one of those people that waits at Starbucks for the Pumpkin Spice Lattes to come back, and I’ve never been a fan of Polenta but I’m going to give it the college try!


The exercise plan adds some reps to each day but keeps things pretty much the same – yay for me – and my goal is to work on a little “extra credit” each day.



I haven’t weighed myself yet, they have very specific times that work best for us women to weigh ourselves and I haven’t made it to one of those times yet, when I do – I’l be sure to update you. Right now I’m basking in feeling pretty good and following the plan!

Happy Monday

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