Nighttime Rituals

It’s bedtime in the Kirkland houshold. We’re those early to bed early to rise people you sometimes hear about at parties, you hear about them because parties are mostly at night and, well you guessed it, they’re already in bed. As we’re getting farther along into this schedule and let’s face it – as we’re getting older, we really do need more than a few hours sleep to make it though the following day and unless we stick to our routine we both can be crabby and feel awful the whole day though.

I’ve been working on an evening ritual that starts about an hour before actual bedtime. I turn the TV off, we send the dogs out one last time and we migrate towards the bedroom. I have a long checklist of things to do, while Steve mostly makes sure the house is locked up, brushes his teeth, strips and heads to bed.


Then there’s one last check of all of our social media, a quick look at the weather, and for me checking the blog and finishing the last of the email. I usually end up with this view as I’m putting my electronics on their chargers.

Yes that is a Zola sleeping against daddy’s back and Tara is out of frame but currently keeping my feet warm at the bottom of the bed. We do kick them out for a little while but they always seem to find their way back.

Then there’s a double tap (it sounds way more gangster than it actually is – lol) to the fitbit and it’s off to the land of Nod for me. I haven’t perfected everything as of yet, since I am again writing this post now 15 minutes past when I would like to be asleep (and sadly yes it is only 9:15) but I’m hoping the more we “practice” the better we’ll get at at least clocking 7 glorious hours in one of my favorite places on earth.

What’s your nighttime ritual?



  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    My night time ritual is to tuck the boys in after they’ve brushed their teeth, make sure that the chickens are in the coup, safe and sound, turn off the television in the basement that is always left on, put the dog in the crate, start the last cycle of dishes in the dishwasher and then watch an episode (or two) of Breaking Bad before visiting slumberland.


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