30 Days of June

I have major self esteem issues! They started when I was in the 5th grade when I was made fun of for being the only girl that wore a bra. I can still remember crying to my mother asking her to buy me the little tank tops with the flower trim all the other little girls were wearing.

In Junior high I slouched and crossed my arms, trying my darnedest to be shorter and “smaller” by that time I was already 5 foot 7 inches tall and at least a head above the tallest boy, and weighed as much as they did if not more.

By high school I had started to loose some of the baby weight and I realized that having “curves” could be very helpful, in some instances, but I never really felt comfortable in my own skin.

Since my husband and I quit smoking and subsequently gained more weight I have become somewhat of a social hermit. With the exception of a very dear friend that doesn’t allow me to play “BS” game with her, I have managed to keep our social calendar full of faceless nameless volunteering as opposed to spending time with friends and family.

Since I decided this year was going to be the year to work through some of my issues, I am tackling self esteem the next few months and thought I would revisit the Selfies post here and attempt to feel more comfortable in my skin by fully overloading, in the Instagram culture and take at least one selfie – or bestie or whatever you might call it with a family member a day, and post it to Instagram. I’m not off to the best start I’ve already missed a few days and I tend to procrastinate until the afternoon when I might not be looking my best anyway but…. slowly but surely I’m going to make it through this month and by golly if nothing else I’ll learn how to take a good selfie even if I don’t feel the best about it.


Do you have self esteem issues?


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