Packing for vacation

What type of packer are you? Are you someone that carefully plans out each outfit for each day? Or do you just toss whatever’s cleanish into a bag and head out? Do you write out a list and and check it off as you finish each item or do you leave everything to chance and figure you can buy what you forget at your local Target when you get there?

Me? I’m in the first category, I like to make my lists, arranged by room of course and make sure I check everything off as I go along, I even go so far as to close the door when I’m done packing things from that room. Most of the time this works well for me, I tend to overpack for everything but I’m not one to have to go to the store because I forgot underwear, or my toothbrush.

I write this as I’m squinting at the screen, sitting on my hotel bed in Reno because my lists failed me miserably this weekend. I forgot a few key items from our bathroom, both night guards being key, I had to stop at Sephora today to pick up the rest of the items, I forgot my glasses (I don’t even know how to explain that) my bluetooth charger that not only charges my earpiece but my keyboard as well, and for the life of me I have no idea where my one favorite earring wandered off to.

Ah well, I’m not sure there’s a lesson here, I would say be more spontaneous but, my husband and I are at an age where spontaneity means sore jaws and migraines. I did tell myself over and over last week that things were running far too smoothly between the fundraiser, the cake and heading out of town so maybe this is my “other shoe dropping” If that’s the case I think I can hang, I’ll just squint some more when it comes to reading and typing and maybe I’ll be relaxed enough not to grind my teeth for the next few days.

Happy Monday!


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