Curvy Girl Style – Vintage Vogue and Dress forms

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was looking for a new style – one that fit me better than what we’re being forced to conform to on a daily basis. As anyone that has read my blog before knows, I am not one of those beautiful androgynous models on the runways, nor am I of an age that can pull off some of less horrible fads out there at the moment. So where does that leave me? Somewhere out in the middle as always, not quite following the trend but usually too afraid to find my own way. It’s hoping that something fits well enough but knowing it’s not perfect and not quite “right”. There’s an absolutely horrendous commercial right now where women are tossing their undies out the window and while I don’t appreciate the concept, I can appreciate feeling that way about high waisted “mom jeans” and crop tops, really shorter tops in general but that’s my own thing – having a longer waist. Leggings worn as pants – no no no! acid washed “distressed jeans” two sizes to small that forces yo to have “muffin top”. Am I alone here in this thinking?

I digress – the last few weeks I have been channeling my inner “bombshell” and trying to figure out what I like and what really looks good on me, Friday night I made one large step in the right direction, I bought a dress form!


No that’s just a picture I pulled off of the interent, I only wish I had a room with that much light, or even one of my own to put a dress form into. This is what mine really looks like


But this is truly my first step toward clothing freedom, I’m so very excited about it, I really wish this week wasn’t as packed as it is. I bought a great Vintage Vogue pattern as well – Joann Fabrics was having a sale! Their patterns can run into the $30 range and I got this one for $4. That with a little bit of muslin to make sure I can really do this – cheap fabric that if I screw it up I won’t feel bad. I feel like I’m on my way…….

Are you making any changes in your life?


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