Wednesday Weigh in – not really

Happy Wednesday to everyone! I tell you it’s been a heck of a few weeks, recently my boss and his boss have been traveling and I’ve picked up a lot of the downhill junk that they couldn’t deal with while on the road. It’s made for some very long days an a full appreciation that I never want my bosses job!

On the upside I have been working hard on staying on track with my eating, and come heck or high water, Steve and I have been run/walking 3 times a week to keep in practice. I use the term run very loosely – maybe someday I can say that we actually went for a run but right now, it’s jogging a little faster than walking and it’s on run 90 walk 90 run 90 walk 2min – trust me we’re not breaking any records. Also we decide that we’re not moving up to week 3 on the running part, the last day of week two still almost killed us and since we’re trying to keep up with the habit we thought making sure we could actually complete the end of a week without walking on the run sections and not feeling like we – I mean me – are going to die, seems like a solid plan.

On the food/eating front I’ve been using the Lose it app to keep me honest with the food I eat, for the most part I’ve been on point during the week, but the weekends have been much harder, my schedule is always different, the food is more abundant and there are always a few social events to attend. I always try to make sure I’m not snacking too much and that I stick to the fruits and veggie trays, some events that happens others…..well I didn’t get this “curvy figure” because I hate food 🙂 As for the last 3 weeks I have been within my weekly calorie count by 500 or less, sometimes over sometimes under.

But, with all of that said, I am truly worried about getting on the scale and seeing if the dial has moved. It’s so frustrating since that’s the reason why I wanted to get off the scale for a little while. I wanted to break this cycle of worry and let down or high and cheating. I really hoped this “time off” would give me some perspective. I keep asking myself –

“Do your pants fit better?” yes it does appear to feel that way – last weekend I didn’t have to do lunges down the hall to get my skinny jeans on

“Do you feel better?” I do really – I’ve been at work everyday since I started on this trek – I go to bed exhausted and still wake up really tired but I’m not working excuses to not go into the office.

“Do you see changes in your family?” Monday night after our run/walk – Steve went into grab some Crystal light from the fridge but filled his glass half way with water before he started – I kept my mouth shut but I was so proud that he’s attempting to drink more “water”

I have to keep asking myself these questions and remind myself of the positive things that have happend, hopefully by next week that will be enough for me to get over what the scale says no matter what.

How is your Wednesday going?


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