Prom 2014 part deux

Yesterday I wrote about my experience with my daughter and her prom. Today I wanted to write about something much more tasty. As I have mentioned the girls go to a very small school, and as it is with smaller groups everyone knows everyone else and if you happen to have a small talent outside of your normal day to day life people find out about that quickly.

Even though I have a rather successful if not totally ordinary job (I will not say career, because it’s not), no one actually know’s who I work for at the school, I am either known by 3 categories, Sabrina and Francesca’s mom, The Home Ec Teachers daughter, or the lady that runs the snack bar and makes great food. It was this 3rd category that I fell into last weekend, while I was mixing and baking and yes cursing away at my children again for volunteering me to do something a little outside my comfort zone.

I feel I should stop her for a few moments and tell you some of the perks of having a small student body. The prom this year was held at a beautiful venue called the Rockefeller Lodge – it’s a beautiful location and perfect for a small gathering, Saturday night the garden and gazebo were decked out in twinkle lights, the fire was lit in the lodge and the caterer were waiting for all of the guests to arrive. The kids, had a DJ and a dance floor, the also had passed hors d’oeuvres a full sit down dinner with your choice of prime rib or chicken, and a lovely two tiered cake provided by none other than yours truly.

I started baking on Friday night – a mistake I will not make again, two 10 inch rounds of yellow cake and two 6 inch rounds of chocolate were consecutively baked in our oven for 4 hours total. As we went to bed Friday night I was a little concerned about the weather (it was warm all last week) but shrugged it off, too tired to really think hard about it.

Saturday morning I woke up early to start assembling and decorating the cake, I made my buttercream frosting and added strawberry jam for the yellow cake filling. I sliced through both 10 inch rounds giving me 4 layers to work with and then the chaos began. Since I had baked the cakes the night before I did not have enough time to let them “cool” or freeze, the cakes were spongy, and while that is a great quality when you are eating it, it is not a great quality when you are trying to assemble 4 layers half a foot tall with 6 cups of filling. After a few tears and choice words, my husband and I decided to put the cake in the fridge to cool a little and see if we could “fix” it in an hour or so. I promptly put the smaller cakes in the freezer for the same amount of time and sulked until the timer went off.

Luckily that is just what the cake needed, we were able to get it back into a cylindrical shape and back into the fridge before decorating began. One the fondant and decorations went on you couldn’t even tell that all of the lower layers tried to mutiny earlier in the day.

All in all I think the cake came out beautifully, my daughter had a blast taking pictures of Steve and I getting the decorations on, and I heard from my daughter the caterers at the venue asked to take the small leftovers home – probably my biggest compliment of the evening.











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