Prom 2014

I believe I’ve mentioned I have two beautiful teenage daughters, I’m not sure if I’ve told you that one is a senior in high school and I’m fairly certain with the chaos of the last few weeks that I did not mention her Sr. Prom was this weekend. She did not attend last year, subsequently I do not believe I was fully prepared for the drama and upheaval to our lives this weekend would become.

Now we have a fairly strict policy regarding GPA and extra curricular activities so we were not really sure she was going to be able to attend this year until a month ago when 3rd quarter grades came out, I tell you that girl made it by the skin of her teeth and I do believe there might have been crying to her teachers that were on the fence about giving her a higher grade. Regardless she was cleared to go to Prom and the drama began.

3 weeks ago, we went dress shopping, our options were not the greatest due to timing and her size, she – like me is plagued with “curvy” genes and most department stores do not carry plus size formal wear in the store. You have to order it online and pray it looks right and fits – so we headed off to Davids Bridal. 3 hours later, we found a dress in her size that she didn’t hate – and that’s saying something for anyone that has teenage girls. When we got to the register the wanted to add a rush fee to the dress since we were less than a month from the event. And if you try to change the date farther out, the delivery date gets pushed out. After a heated debate with the manger that may have included a minor rant on my part and included the word racket and hold us hostage, the very young clerk ordered the dress for us online and dropped 20% off of the purchase price just to get us out of the store. Thus ended phase I of Prom 2014

Phase II – started almost immediately after, we had to find shoes and accessories that I was not pleased having to pay for, especially for my wonderful and smart teenager that runs to her hole after dropping her junk off in the living room, grazing through the kitchen and watching crappy TV until I get home from work, all the while avoiding any real work around the house through stealth and manipulation. But, I digress – then it was off to what was mom willing to pay for, Limo? Hotel after? food? corsage? Hair? makeup? her wish list went on and on, and I was at a loss as to how she figured we were going to pay for everything with graduation just around the corner and her younger sister just getting back from her 8th grade DC trip. In the end I think we came to common ground. Not because she still didn’t expect me to pay – no no, mostly the kids procrastinated too long and couldn’t get reservations for a Limo, there wasn’t enough time to put flowers together and hair and makeup couldn’t be coordinated between Bina and her besties schedules.

Phase III started last week, it was the Sarah Bernhardt stage, Sabrina was too fat, too ugly, did have enough money, no one liked her, someone else was wearing her dress in a different color – shock and amazement from me in a school of 65, that it could possibly happen but stranger things right? On and on and on and on, did the drama go – Steve and I tried our darnedest to keep our heads down and away from the fire, our youngest was not so lucky, spending more waking hours with her sister and fought the good fight for all of us on so many occasions last week, she was rewarded handsomely Saturday night with her choice of dinner locations and a new purse.

And how did Bina fare? Well she did make it to the prom, her makeup and hair were beautiful, even after the last hissy fit. Her and the besties stayed the night at a local hotel and had brunch and shopping the following day. They felt very grown up, I could tell by all of the selfies plastered all over Instagram. The family while battered did weather the storm, and we were treated to some very stiff Mint Juleps and tasty Southern BBQ – Francesca’s dinner choice- after we dropped Bina and the cake off (tomorrows story).

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Sabrina and her Fathers




of course one with mom!


And the Besties!



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