New Computer

I have to tell you, I have been posting to my blog from my iPad for the last few months, our old PC got an illness of some sort, mostly because I let the antivirus lapse and we have teenagers that feel the need to go to questionable sites and allow those sites to download questionable content.  I thought I had remediated this problem by having my friend clean up the machine and install a stronger antivirus, we even set up separate accounts for the kids.  Which would have worked if I hadn’t let the password for our login sit on the keyboard one day that the girls were home and my loving oldest decided she needed to check something that I wasn’t allowing on her account.  Low and behold the internet stopped working and our desktop became a paper weight, because what do you do on a computer now a days besides troll the internet and chat with people online?  Anyway most of our nights consisted of Steve on his tiny iPhone screen and me on the iPad in bed finishing up our day.  I started to think that I was contributing to Steve’s self inflicted blindness and thought if I got a new machine it would be easier on our pocket book down the road – plus I’m not sure if he has the face to pull off coke bottle glasses.  So this weekend we came into a little bit of extra cash and decided to head on over to our local big box store and pick up a new computer.  This time I decided that I wanted to try a Mac – since we’ve both got iPhones and an iPad I thought the OS can’t be that much different right?  Well I’m here tonight to tell you I was/am wrong and I’m still trying to figure out what all these stupid apps and buttons and how to even find the right click button on the mouse.  Needless to say this will take a bit of practice……..On a very important side note I was nominated for a blog award last week and I have been remiss on posting – I want to make sure I do the post and the nominator justice.  So look for that tomorrow, come heck or high water, or I just say screw it and use the iPad until I know what to do with this monstrosity.



  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Mac’s seem so cool and I’d love to try one, but I’m so used to Win7 and all my software is for the Windows world. I hope that you get comfortable with it soon!


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