Wednesday weigh in – Breaking the cycle part II

Happy Wednesday all, I’ve spent the last few weeks rethinking my life and this blog. Mostly my life since my body has again decided it doesn’t like me and I spent another week down for the count. But I have come out with new perspective and a renewed lease on getting healthy!

With that said I wanted to reveal part II of my version of Breaking the cycle:

After a few weeks/months of disappointing results on the scale, I began dreading even thinking about weighing in on Wednesdays, not necessarily the writing about it part – self deprecation is one of my strong suits. But, the cycle of feeling bad, eating more, not excercising, not feeling well, and getting back on the scale to feel bad, I’ve decided I’m not going to get on for the next four weeks. Yes you heard right – I am not going to weigh myself for the next four Wednesday’s! Fear not there is a logical and hopefully not flawed thought process, see I have a plan, it’s broken down into a few parts and the next few blog posts will be about it.

Starting with today:


I’ve been having a lot of back pain recently, no doubt from all of the days sitting on the couch not moving. I realized that my mother is going to have knee surgery in the next few months and I’m going to need to be in better shape to take care of her while she is convalescing. Funny how that motivates me more than I need to get healthy for myself right – did I mention self depreciation earlier? hmm yes I did – moving on.

I’ve put together a 4 week workout plan to get me back on track and hopefully on the road to being in shape.


Feel free to follow along with me – It looks like a lot on paper but what the middle of the day exercises really are, are 30 day challenges that don’t take very long and it’s a reminder to me to get up from my desk and move around for a little bit.

I’m alternating between Yoga and a Ballet Barre video in the morning as a way to get me stretched and centered before I leave for the office, both workouts are about 30 minutes long, including a meditation session at the end.

For the challenges I’m using the 30days app on my Iphone – I don’t know if they have an android version, but it’s giving me the times for the Wall Sit and Plank challenges. For the Arm and Squat I’m using the following plans:



Lunchtime is alternating between my usual walks and stretching – can you tell the stretching theme.

Lastly evening is alternating between, playing Wii sports with the teenagers and the Run 5K app, I’ve always wanted to run the Disney 1/2 marathon and have decided it’s high time I take matters into my own hands.

I started Monday and so far with 3 days under my belt I’m feeling pretty good, the stretching is helping keep the muscles from being too sore and I’m very hopeful to keep the pace up through the end of the first 28 days.

I also added a new page to the site that shows progress photos – today is obviously day 1 – sorry for the quality, I don’t own a real camera yet – it is on my list though.

Happy Wednesday to you all!


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