Thursday’s Thanks

Happy Thursday to everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I am thankful for the rain, I live in Northern California and we have been far too dry the last few years. The rain we’ve received the last few weeks is not nearly enough to get us out of the drought we’re in but I think it will get us up to a level that with conservation we’ll make it through the summer and into what I have heard will hopefully be an el Nino this fall/winter.

I think my obsession with the rain comes from my “water” sign – I am a Cancer and while I don’t necessarily follow along with astrology I am water baby through and through. While everyone moans and groans about the rain and wet weather, I welcome it – loving the sound it makes while I sit in my living room curled up on the couch reading a book. I love the way it looks as it falls on the lake outside the window in my office, and most definitely I love the sound it makes on the metal carport outside our bedroom window at night, and how it lulls me to sleep.

With the rain I am now actually thinking of having a small garden, I had scrapped plans earlier this year thinking of all of the rationing that we’re going to have to do, but there’s a little bit of hope on the horizon and while I have no intentions of planting decorative pumpkins and gourds I that that I would co-op with my neighbor and mother to plant different varieties and share between the families. I am also hoping by the end of the year that my husband will have set up a water containment system to gather the rainwater from out gutters next year. Apparently he has an elaborate plan that while I will totally appreciate it when it’s finished will hate the idea in theory as he keeps telling me how much space it’s going to take and the 55 gallon drums he wants to use will need to be painted and given some love to fit in with my growing garden motif – not really but what I envision it will look like once we’ve finished spending money on the important things like new fences, retaining walls and drainage.

I digress, as I head home to what looks to be the last bit of rain out of this winter storm, I hope I’ll get one last evening on my couch before the sunny and lovely weather for the weekend comes through. I think I’ll spend the evening pouring over seed catalogs and dreaming of what my garden will look like someday.
What are you thankful for today?




  1. ellafit says:

    I love the sound of rain, it is so relaxing. Have you ever been in an outdoor pool/body of water while it has been raining?


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