Curvy Girl Style – March Hits

Happy Tuesday to everyone – My how this month has moved fast. I wanted to take a moment and share my absolute favorite hair and makeup products this month, and a few that may not have lived up to the hype. I do want to stipulate I am not paid for any opinions I have, they are just that.
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1. Philosophy Miracle worker night cream – I received a small sample of this last weekend while out shopping and love it, it goes on light and smooth – just like the Hope in a Jar day cream and doesn’t leave a heavy film in the morning to rinse off. It’s funny I was looking for a new night time cream and this one just happened along.

2. Benefit – cream eyeshadow– here’s another thing I got as a sample with purchase a few months back and I’ve been slowly adding it into my rotation, I was hesitant at first because it’s a cream and I’m getting older, I definitely don’t need anything adding to the fine lines around my eyes, but this cream glides on nice, it really is creaseless and lasts through the day. It is my go to when I’m running late (which is always) and need color fast.

3. Creaseless hair ties – So I have fully jumped on this bandwagon, with one caveat – do not buy the hair ties – make them yourself – if you can tie your shoe, or a plastic bag closed, you can make these ties and get hundreds of them for the price of 15. I bought a few yards from measured out a short length, cut and tied – it really is that easy. One small note, they’re not really creaseless, if you wear them all day, you will get the dreaded dent in your hair, but it does take longer, they don’t seem to pull your hair as much and they’re comparable to the 80’s scrunchi for night time wear.

4. Philosophy – body wash – I have not been a Philosophy fan for long – honestly until a few months ago I didn’t see what the hype was, then I found Purity and could not rave enough about it. At Christmas I was looking for an addition to my body wash collection and headed toward the fun bottles of Philosophy for a pick me up, with no luck. I’m still in search of the perfect scent but did receive a small sample of the pure grace 3 in 1 shower wash and loved the feel of the wash, the suds and my skin when I got out. If I do ever find the right scent I will be in heaven.

5. Alterna – Caviar night treatment – I’ve been using this for a few months and have decided it’s worth the purchase price, it lasts a long time, it helps keep my hair healthy and shiny, even between hair dyes and heat my ends look good and my color seems to last longer.

I tried to think of any misses I might have had this month and either I didn’t try anything new purposely to be disappointed or I managed to luck out this month.

What are some of your favorite products from last month?



  1. budziak says:

    Have you tried the Margarita Philosophy 3 in 1? It ALWAYS reminds me of when I lived with my best friend. She had it in her shower and I would constantly use it, haha, such a bad roommate… I’ve been considering the hair treatment, I love Alterna and wanted something to give my hair a little more moisture, I’m just not sold on the whole overnight thing, sounds like it’ll result in a messy/dirty pillowcase.


    • I’ll have to check that one out, does it smell like limes? It took me a little while to decide the Overnight treatment was working, really until after I dyed my hair the last time and had such dry ends, I added a little more Argan oil in between nights and a little more of the treatment on shower nights and it really helped, I haven’t noticed a dirty pillowcase but I do “pineapple” my hair on the top of my head at night, lol. If you’re looking for overall moisture I like the Bamboo UV masque – it smells incredible and really leaves my hair soft – like when you leave the salon.


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