Thrusday’s Thanks – Stevie

My Husband’s birthday is this weekend – he’s going to be a whopping 31 years old, if you can believe it. Obviously he’s been on my mind more than usual this week, with lunch planning and reminiscing about birthdays past. We met on his birthday – long, long ago. It was a chance meeting where someone felt sorry for him and decided I should cook him dinner to celebrate (his family at that time did not celebrate birthdays), we didn’t really click right off of the bat, although if you ask either of us now it seems we’ve been together since the day we met and in some senses that’s true. But together takes on a relative meaning as you get farther along in life and while dating and living together happened later, it’s true that once we met there was a connection that has bound us through the last 12 years. I decided today he should be the topic of my thankful recollections for a number of reasons, mostly good some bad, and even as I write this I know they’ll be things I forget and things that get embellished as they tend to do when one puts things to “paper”. I promise I will try not to gush, not to throw him under the bus and for the most part remember the spirit of Thursday’s is all about being thankful.
Sometimes young is a good thing: I am six years older than Steve, yes its lead to many different issues over the years but it has also brought to me many upsides. One that we talk about regularly is how young we’ll both be when the girls go off to college or just move out (Lord willing), we will be able to have a real life after they leave, with the option of traveling and experiencing new things without being old and creaky.
Annnnnndddd sometimes young is just young: In some senses I feel I have raised that boy along with my daughters. Although I feel that way about my ex-husband too and he’s older than me. Steve was really young when we started dating and I did have to remind myself regularly that he was young and inexperienced with life and it was ok for him to travel down the roads he would travel, I needed to let him do it so he could experience life on his own. I am learning that again with my girls now, hmm, maybe I’m the one that has to relearn things not the other way around…….
He is my rock: Before I met Steve I always thought I needed to stand on my own, in times of triumph and trouble. He has taught me that I can count on someone else to stand with me in those times, not fix, not make better, or take credit, or sometimes even not to do anything, but he will stand there with me and if we fall or succeed, we do it together.
Quiet: we have learned to share the quiet together
Goofiness: I am a weird person, I fully admit and embrace it on all sides, and it’s something that people either get or learn to deal with, Steve is the first person I’ve ever met (aside from my girls that come by it naturally) that totally dove in with me. We get each other’s wicked sense of humor, we know what the other is thinking and love to laugh, with or at the other.
And lastly – the one thing that supersedes all the others and does away with any of the faults that count against him. He gets me, he knows who I am, he takes all of my crap, listens to my lies and truths, follows me down all of my rabbit holes, takes it all in, then pushes it aside – grabs me with both hands and shows me who I really am. Especially since I tend to forget it more than I’d like to admit.

Who are you thankful for?



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