Curvy Girl Style – No heat hair

Well my daughter and I are almost halfway through our Lenten commitment to not use any heat styling tools. I will tell you it has not been easy – especially for one that has grown to feel you are not completely “done” if your hair is wet when you leave the house. Plus I have that hair that’s not quite straight but definitely does not want to curl, it’s like it had a sort of wave at some point and gave up.
you can see here, even with a heap load of conditioner on just dyed hair it doesn’t really like to be either straight or wavy

Any way I’ve been toying with alternatives to my head induced routine, including, rag curls, that came out….ok.

a few braids

and many many up-do’s




I had a routine with my heat styling and I’m trying to keep to it with no heat, but it’s been a little more complicated.
Day 1 – wash and blow out
Day 2 – hot rollers (I love my hot rollers)
Day 3 – up
Day 4/1 start over
Depending on what I do with my hair I’ve noticed I need to wash it more often, since I’m not drying it out with the heat it can get oilier quicker than usual. Now the big question, do I think it feels/looks any better since I quit using heat? Yes/no….maybe in a few more weeks it’ll tilt the other direction but honestly -my hair is one of my things and I spend a lot of money making sure it looks good no matter what I do to it, including weekly conditioning masks, thermal protectant, Argan oil and hydrating shampoo. Now have I noticed a difference in my daughters hair – without a doubt!

2 weeks without heat:


As we get closer to the end of the 6 weeks I’ll post a few more pics and let you decide for yourself. I have to say while I will probably never give up my styling tools, I have learned I can make my hair look tolerable without.

How is your Monday going?


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