Wednesday Weigh in

Happy Wednesday to all! I hope hump day finds you well.

How am I? just dandy – I think this new combination of meds is finally kicking this infections behind and I’m on the road to really, really being recovered. This week has been a doozy with events, we had family in town, I had school meetings and birthday parties over the weekend, oh and of course our trip to the ER on Sunday. I’m amazed that anything got done – then I realized the last time I worked out was Saturday the week before last and I guess we know where the extra time went. With that said, the amount of running around did not allow me to overindulge either with food or drink and I am actually down 1/2 a pound. Not a huge loss but a loss none the less and I’ve decided I’ll take it ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish I could say the next few weeks were going to be easier, but they’re not. Between school and sports and Senior (HS daughter not old person) activities I’ll be lucky if life slows down before June. But I have decided I would like to cross the century mark – (below -200) by my wedding anniversary at the end of May and am devising plans to get me there.

One is adding in a few 30 day challenges I can do during the day at work, and getting back into taking a lunch and walking – it’s not the walking part that’s the problem it’s the leaving my desk part (if only I could convince my boss that I need one of those treadmill desks…….).

And I am hoping to start back up on the weekends going to the pool. It’s hilarious to go swimming at the Y on Saturday morning – I’ve never seen so much grey hair and speedos in one location since I took the Western Caribbean cruise on NCL.

Add going back to the “Yum” – our monthly meal plan, instead of grabbing things on my way home and we should be in good shape.

Next week I plan on posting a few photos, operative word plan – I have to work up the courage, and giving a breakdown of weight and measurements.

On a totally side note – I’m two weeks into Lent and let me tell you I am envying every woman I see with a cute pastel manicure. Who would have thought that I would be missing nail polish more than my hair dryer or TV – although do not get me started on missing Scandal (I love that woman and her wardrobe) I do have to say that my nails look rather healthy between no polish and the biotin I’ve added to my supplements. I wish I could say the same for my hair, but give it a few more week’s to heal from the fresh dye job and I’ll be singing a different tune.

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! How are your weight loss plans going?


1 Comment

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Just in time for spring. My weight loss is temporarily derailed. Not a whole lot of cheating, but not a whole lot of exercising. ๐Ÿ™‚


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