Selfies, selfies everywhere

I am 36 years old. I declare this to you outright for a number of reasons, one of which being I’m getting older and maybe a little less understanding of technology and things that are cool about technology, as I’ve stated in the past I love Instagram, not only sharing pictures of my own but sharing in the lives of the people I follow, I truly love the perspective it gives me into the lives of my friend and family. What baffles me is the amount of selfies that are taken. My beautiful cousin takes at least one a day if not more, so does another family members wife, when you check the popular page the amount of selfies taken by “buxom” women almost out numbers the posts about shoes.
Now I honestly don’t know if it’s the age issue or if it’s because I’m overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin at the moment that makes me feel uncomfortable about the thought of taking multiple selfies of myself. I am at an age that I might feel silly about the whole process in general. Like realizing one day that you’ve hit an age where your belly piercing isn’t really cool anymore. Sometimes I think that even though my generation really got this era of technology going, the one after us has made social media and sharing everything an art.
I really don’t know, as I sit here on my couch, in glasses and my hair a mess, thinking I wouldn’t let anyone see me in this state, and here’s my cousin posting a pic after a particularly hard workout at the gym, I’m really leaning on the side of age, but then I think if I looked like she does I would strip down naked and run though the streets just to show of. Sigh – as you can tell the day wasn’t that stressful if this is where my mind has wandered to. I do believe I will need more time to fully think this out and perhaps challenge myself to take more pics and see how I feel about them. But definately not tonight and really not in this light, and perhaps after I’ve lost a few more pounds – lol.

Selfies courtesy of my cousin via Instagram



how do you feel about taking selfies?



  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    I don’t do them, and I don’t understand why people take so many of them. I guess my feeling is that photos should be taken by people who want to have a picture of you. I see myself every morning in the mirror, so there’s no need for a selfie. 🙂


    • Lol – I’ll have to remember that, I find it funny that I have no problem sending my mom a pic of myself or sending a funny face to my husband but to actually post one online takes an act of congress


  2. Charlotte says:

    I have to admit since I lost weight, I take them occasionally! lol It does get ridiculous. The other day, I saw a girl take one at a red light! 🙂 Funny and insightful post. I enjoyed reading it.


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