Thrsday’s Thanks – More Love Letters

I spend a lot of time corresponding with people electronically. I write my blog posts, I send emails for work, emails for the organizations I volunteer for, reminders to my family. I post on Facebook (very rarely) and Instagram (all the time), and Twitter. I text my children, my doctor, my boss and countless friends almost daily, I am am definitely “plugged in”. But there has always been a part of me – probably the very old soul part of me that feels certain thing cannot be conveyed through an email or text. It started with personal thank you notes for my birthday presents, and of course the occasional sympathy or get well card to a friend or family memeber. Then it turned into thank you notes for those that volunteered for an event I planned, and expanded into those that volunteer for the organizations I work with, and has slowly grown from there. I now have time blocked out on Friday mornings to write my thank you cards, little notes to people – either of encouragement or thinking of you, birthday cards etc. I have to laugh at myself because I have to carve time out to do these things. Don’t get me wrong, I do not feel weighed down or obligated to do these things. I genuinely find joy in the process and even more so when someone stops me and thanks me for sending them even the quickest of notes. The fact that I sat down and wrote something on a piece of paper really makes them feel special.

When I read a post on Instagram one day from some one I follow about getting out her stationary and writing love letters I was intrigued. She posted a link to a website that I immediately followed and I was hooked.
More Love Letters – when you reach the home page there is a letter written to you about the philosophy of the site. I encourage you to visit and read about this movement, who knows maybe it will awaken something deep in your soul to write a love letter or two, or may just start off locally with a few notes to those you love locally. I hope it brings you the joy it has me, and inspires you to pull out a pencil or pen and some paper and remember the art of penmanship and electronic – less communication. But only for a little while, where would all of us be I we went back to paper – lol.

What are you thankful for this week?



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