Wednesday Weigh in – back in the saddle

It’s sad I actually had to go back and see when I did my last weigh in post. It’s not that I haven’t been tracking (well sort of), but when I got really sick I just gave up on everything but focusing on feeling better so no scale, no boundaries and no holds barred.

But I’ve been steadily working back into healthy eating habits and developing a workout routine that I can stick to over the next few months until the girls are out of school.

So where am I?
I’m not back where I started but close I’m back up to 229.5 and while that number is not close to where I wanted to be at the moment, I’ll take the loss. With the amount of drugs that have been pumping though me recently any loss is better than a gain – lol.

What’s my plan?
I don’t know at the moment – I’m in a small food rut and I’m hoping I can reinvent my eating plan by next weeks post.

How about fitness?
Well that’s been hit or miss too, has anyone else hated the time change this year? I feel as though I am being punished for getting up before the crack of dawn right now and cannot seem to drag my lifeless body out of bed to workout before I head into the office. I’m hoping I can motivate myself back into that habit since, recently I’ve been getting home after 8pm – meetings after work and such, and have had no time to workout before going to bed. I wish I could say it’s going to slow down but I doubt it anytime soon. As far a lunch goes I have to remind myself to take a walk again, I was feeling so yucky again that I feel out of the habit.

So really where am I?
OK I’m really back to square one, but that’s ok – it happens sometimes and honestly I’m feeling good about where I am relative to what’s been going on.

How are you doing with your weight loss journey?


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