Tourist around town

Today my husband and I tried to play hooky – I succeeded my husband did not. It was fully to my advantage though since his callout was in San Francisco and he asked me to come along and wander/shop while I waited for him. I was truly excited – since he works in the city so often he hates spending any extra time there and I’m left with an occasional trip on my birthday or when absolutely necessary due to a social event. I know I could go on my own but it’s a little daunting at times tooling around on my own and even though I know he’s totally board ten minutes in, my husband still gives a good show and attempts to look interested while I wander into every shop that might minutely interest me. Today I found myself at the Ferry Building, I have to say the last time I was there it actually housed the Ferry Terminal, I must have been six or seven. In recent years it has become a mecca for foodies and today I was in heaven – Cowgirl Creamery – i love the smell of cheese, not to mention the taste – i had a lovely conversation with one of the cheese makers over a brie he was particularly fond of and I have to say I was as well when I left.

Far West Fungi – had mushrooms I had never seen – and I got to try truffle oil for the first time

and many more shops I can’t remember the name of – let alone a bookstore that wasn’t a big box store right next to Peet’s coffee. I spent an hour there reading a magazine and people watching as they came off the Ferry, I checked in with my husband a few hours after we go there just to see how things were going and see if I should wait for him for lunch, he apologized for making me wait so long, and I laughed and told him what I had been doing. He smiled at me as he realized he had given me one of the best days in a long time, simply by being called into work.

Awesome candies and treats!

The organic spice rack from the Village Market

Gelatin treats

And of course the beautiful city


Did you play hooky today?


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