Lent – and Oh yeh – I’m still alive

Sooooooo, as life goes – I got kicked around a bit over the month of February. I’m not sure even now if I’ve really recovered, but, I’m back at work and Im hoping (fingers crossed) on the mend. I’ll tell you it never ceases to amaze me how much my weight is affected by my health – mood’s yes and maybe that’s the key- my health had been declining since September at least and as my immune system bottomed out at the end of January my mood dived into a full blown “can’t get out of bed” depression – that cycled into “wow – brown sugar popcorn sounds really good” – and back to “wow, I can’t believe I gained that much in a week” – so the cycle continues.
But – now I’ve got a new doctor, a new plan of attack and meds that don’t make me want to scratch my skin off – or gouge anyone’s eyes out, and I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in months. So, now I’m working my way back into normalcy and decided I missed writing to the universe and made it a priority today to post something.

I do find it rather appropriate that I would choose today as my “back in the saddle” day since it’s the beginning of Lent. In fact – once I finish this post it’s off to church for Ash Wednesday services, and the beginning of the season of self-sacrifice and reflection. Now I don’t want to get too religious on anyone – I believe in what I believe in and you are free to do what you believe in – this blog is not about pushing any agenda on you – with that said – my posts are going to cross over into personal beliefs now and then and I’ll offer up my apologies now and leave it at that.

Lent –
I am a practicing Lutheran – which is what I lovingly term as “Catholic light” – half the pomp and circumstance – all the guilt. While we’re not required to give anything up for Lent as a practice – I have tried over many years to give up something – usually with varying degrees of unsuccessfullness. There was the year I tried to give up beef- which found me two weeks in eating a bacon cheeseburger, the year of chocolate that coincided with the school trip to the local chocolate factory – the year of not lying – when I had to get my drivers license renewed – etc. Then I gave up for a while, and after a few years of nothing – last year I felt like I was really ready to make the commitment. I decided I would give up TV for the season of Lent – a whole 40 days of no TV – it was daunting – how would I ever keep from finding out what was going on with my shows? what about the news – what if my DVR dies? Luckily it did not and I made it though with little to no fuss, and in the end managed to cut my TV time down considerably after the fact.

So this year I have decided to up the ante – I am going for the triple threat – no TV (should be a walk in the park after last year) – No heat styling of my hair (blowdryer, curling/flat iron etc) and no nail polish. OK I know I sound really boring and shallow right now but hear me out. I am a girly girl – I’ve never denied this, I like a good blow out – or well styled hair – and honestly I was raised by a woman that believes a well manicured hand is just as important as keeping your house clean.

Recently I’ve realized my youngest daughter is a girl girl as well. She’s 14 and I worry sometimes that even though I’ve worked hard to teach my girls true beauty comes from within, saying it and knowing it are two different things. So this year I’m putting my money where my mouth is and proving to her that we can do without and still feel beautiful – I think – ask me in a few weeks how I feel.

Last night we had a ritual where we took off our polish together – and after I got into the shower to wash my hair- since there’s no way I’m leaving the house with wet hair – it’s just not done. I’ll post pics a few times over the season to let you know of our progress. In the mean time – under no circumstances can anyone talk about Scandal or Once Upon a Time.

Do you have any Lenten tradition?


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