Happy Saturday to all! Our household is in the final planning stages for our schools homecoming. I know it’s late in the year for most, but Basketball really is the sport of choice at our school – at least for the moment and for the last eight or nine years we’ve had our festivities including a carnival around the end of the basketball season. I have been in charge of the food for the festivities for at least the last four years and if I think hard about it maybe five, the weeks leading up to homecoming my kitchen becomes the test kitchen for all of the new items I’d like to try – Fried twinkies, pickles, Oreos and jalapeños have been on previous years menus. This year I’m looking into the sweet side and figured among other things chocolate dipped marshmallows would be fun to try, ohh candy coated in the schools colors – that would be really cool! I’ll have to look into that.

This weekend I thought I would whip up a batch of marshmallows and work with the “cutting” design for them. Homemade marshmallow tend to be unruly at best and even with practice my squares become oblong and uneven.

I use Martha Stewarts Marshmallow recipe It’s not failed me yet.


Starting off with the sugar and water in a pot and letting it boil to 238 degrees Fahrenheit


while thats happening you let the gelatin bloom in the mixer (it smells horrible while you’re making these – just for reference -but they don’t smell when fully cooled and they taste awessome! Kinda like the chocolate making process)


Pour the boiling sugar into the mixer:


turn on a medium speed until the mixture thickens up a bit:


then turn up to high and go have a cup of coffee – it takes about 10 minutes on high for the marshmallows to get enough air – you can tell you’re close by the sound of your mixer – it’ll have to start working really hard to keep up. This week I made another attempt at adding color.


It didn’t come out as colorful as I would have liked so next time – way way more food coloring!


We’re off to a Basketball Tournament so cutting will have to wait until I get home. I hope everyone has a lovely weeken!


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